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What is destination vacation?

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What is Electromagnetic suspension (EMS) ?

Electromagnetic suspension (EMS) is the magnetic levitation of an object achieved by constantly modify the strengths of a magnetic field produced by electromagnets using a loop that feeds the energy back. In most cases the levitation effect is mostly because of permanent magnets as they don't have any power dissipation, which electromagnets only use to stabilize the effect. In electromagnet suspension electromagnets are used to levitate the train.

These are the principles of magnetic levitation for EMS

What is Electrodynamic suspension (EDS)?

Electrodynamic suspension is a Form of magnetic levitation where there are conductors which are exposed to time-varying magnetic fields. Electrodynamic suspension uses superconductors for levitating, propulsion and lateral guidance. An Electodynamic suspension train does not levitate till it reaches 50 mph. So the train has wheels that retract when it reaches 50mph.

Principals for magnetic levitation EDS

The differences between EDS and EMS

The main difference between EDS Maglev trains and EMS maglev trains is that EDS trains use super-cooled, superconducting electromagnets. This superconducting electromagnet can conduct electricity even after the power supply has been shut off for example in the event of a blackout. In the EMS system, which uses standard electromagnets, the coils only conduct electricity when a power supply is present. By chilling the coil at frigid temperatures, Japan’s EDS system saves energy. However, the cryogenic system uses to cool the coils can be expensive. Another difference is that EDS trains must run on rubber tires until they reach lift of speed. A third difference is that EDS trains will induce a high intensity magnetic field, and the passenger compartment will have to be shielded from the magnetic field or it could damage credit cards, hard-rives,etc.


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