Devonian Ella and Jada

Boney fish evolved and were able to grow legs and walk on land.

This is a cartilaginous fish there are 1100 species of them still around today.

Devonian period dawned about 416 million years ago

The Devonian period is part of the Paleozoic era

Devonian period is known as the age of fish

Ancestors of the Devonian period that are around today are the cartilaginous and the bony fish

Rugose coral went extinct at the end or near the end of the Permian period

The Devonian sea were dominated by brachiopods, tabulate and rugose corals which built large reefs in shallow water

Before this time period there was no organic accumulations in the soils, which resulted in the soil to be a reddish color.

At the start of the Devonian period, vegetation had began to spread

About 375 million years ago fish began to developed legs.

Tadpoles are around today and are known for developing legs and turning into frogs.

Ferns grew as large as trees

Plants did not have roots or leaves and some did not have vascular tissue.

Near the end of the Devonian period, larger and more complicated plants grew

Dry arid climate was a problem during the Devonian Period

Carbon dioxide levels were dropping on Earth

Average temperature of the water is 68 degrees Fahrenheit

Atmosphere was filled with oxygen

Carbon dioxide levels dropped which caused very dry and arid climate

The end of the Devonian period was unbearable to the point of extinction


The Devonian Period went on the number of species began to decay for aquatic life.

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