The Roman Army An unstoppable nation

How They Fight

Roman soldiers usually fought in a group called a legion. A legion is made up of about 5,000 men armed with a scutum (rectangular shield) that is curved to protect most of the body, which was made of wood and leather. The soldiers also carry two weapons, a short sword for close range called a gladius, and a long sharp spear for throwing called a pilum. Each soldier wore very thin and light clothing so they can dodge thrusts and be more agile. The clothes consist of woolen tunics and trousers.

A Roman Legion lining up for war.

Barbarian Attacks

One big problem for the Roman military were barbarians. Barbarians are one of the main reasons Ancient Rome came to an end. These barbarians were a huge threat because the Roman army couldn't fight them head on, the barbarians would just kill Roman troops one by one. The barbarian groups began in the 300s and came from conquered German cities. In the end the Romans had to head back to modern day Rome to prevent anymore barbarian attacks.

Barbarian army ready to attack


As a Roman soldier you would be in for a hard training. You will start the day with a 18.4 mile march carrying a full weapon pack, food rations, a shield, a cooking pot and a short spade, and your own personal kit that will take you nearly 5 hours to complete. Second you would practice hand-to-hand combat with wooden swords, shields, and spears purposely made to be heavier than a iron one. You'd also need to practice formations and other specific drills. That is how a Roman soldier trains on a daily basis.

Roman soldiers practicing combat

The downfall of Rome

Rome was one of the greatest empires in human history, but what was the cause of their defeat. There are many different reasons, one being attacks from barbarians as stated in paragraph two, but also from causes not done by war. Rome began having huge economic troubles from over expansion. They kept needing to create more weapons for their military and feed their soldiers. Rome was slowly crumbling from the inside. As a result they lost their hold on Rome and had to retreat to their modern country.

Romans vs. Sassanian Persians

The Roman empire although it was nearly unstoppable had one rival, the Sassanian Persians. The Persian army isn't trained as hard as the Roman army but their sheer numbers could take over nearly any city in their time. When the Romans went to attack Persia they were in for the hardest battle in their history. For nearly centuries this war raged on but in the end nobody really won. Rome left Persia alone.

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