Native Americans how did colonists affect the lives of Native americans?

Did you know about 90% of Native Americans were killed? Colonists didn't treat Native American fairly. Europeans kicked them of there lands and kept the lands all to themselves. Also Europeans, made Native Americans change their religion when they didn't want too. The worst part of all they took their lives, many children had lost either there father or mother. At night, the Colonists would come and massacre the Native Americans and the results weren't pretty.

Many Europeans thought that Natives were wrong( religion wise) and that they were savages.One source states that "The Puritans of New England saw the Natives as savages". Europeans thought that Christianity was truly the right religion and thought that everyone had to be Christian.

Europeans took Native Americans land away from Native Americans. One example for this was the Trail Of Tears. The trail of tears was "In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate to an area in present-day Oklahoma." (map) Natives didn't have a choice is was either leave or die.

Europeans also killed many Native Americans. One source states “ One night the colonists and their Native American allies set fire to a Pequot village and killed hundreds of people”.Europeans killed Native Americans for land, Native Americans agreed to share but Europeans were greedy and wanted the and all to them themselves so they killed the Native Americans that lived on the land they wanted.

This is a picture of Hernando de Soto.

Here's Native Americans going to Oklahoma aka The Trail Of Tears.

In 1539,Hernando De Soto landed in Tampa Bay and killed about 100 native americans. The website states " Timucuan hit-and-run attacks increased in frequency because de Soto’s men ruthlessly torched settlements and mercilessly killed peaceful Indians who approached them". Also Hernando slaved Native Americans and made them work for him.

In 1620, The Native Americans met the settlers. Settlers started to take land way from Native Americans and some of the Native Americans were mad.One source states "the sun has been very hot on my head and made me as in a fire”.Cochise is basically saying that when the Europeans came and took their land that he was mad.

In 1754,The beginning of the French,Indians vs France and Britain war. The website states " When France’s expansion into the Ohio River valley brought repeated conflict with the claims of the British colonies, a series of battles led to the official British declaration of war". French's allies the Native Americans helped them in the battle while France helped Britain. In 1763, after a long 7 years. The French and Indians lost which meant that Britain could make territorial claims.

In 1811,The Shawnee are defeated by at the battle of Tippecanoe. The website states "Taking care of their dead and wounded", the demoralized Indians left Prophet's Town, abandoning most of their food and belongings". In the end the Indians leave in a search for a new home.

In conclusion, Native Americans were treated badly by the Europeans. They took away their lives and rights as people. They should of been treated better. However, Europeans did horrible things to them like kill them,take their land and making them change their religion.


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