My world BY:Colin SullivaN


My future job is being an architect, I love to build and create structures and houses.If i wanted to do something else than architecture, I would be a professional diver,

My culture

My culture is Irish and German. I am 50% German and 50% Irish. My moms side is German and my dads side is Irish. My middle name is Timothy and my last name is sullivan,those 2 names are Irish.

My Dog

This is my dog. My dogs name is Josie, she is 5 years old.I gave her the middle name Lily. She is the nicest sweetest dog I know. I love her sooo much.

My Beautiful Family

This is a picture of me and my family iin our annual vacation spot in siesta key Florida. My sister,sara is 19 and in college.My mom and dad are both 52 years old and my dad does advertising for corporations.


These are my friends Lily,William,and Ruben at eagles night out. I love to spend all the time I can with my friends goofing off and having fun. Me,William and Lily are all in band together and me and my friend Ruben live in the same neighborhood. We love to play video games and watch Football games.

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