Florida Samuel polyak

droughts are really dangerous they make flouds
Thunderstorms are destroying homes and houses
Hurricanes are powerful storms
Peninsula is the best place
Wetland are the wetestlands
Central lakes form because it is in the cooler area
Barrie island is wear the ice age was
Barrie island has a lout of mountins
The Cohen of Gulf of Mexico the water cicle there are alout of water
Central lakes are are long to Florida,s form
Lumber is made to make wood
This is a resource of florida
Limeston is used to make Thoth pastes and rubber
Oil is important because it makes cars go moving
This is a renewables resource because it is made out of trash

Have a good time and please accept my ideas


Created with images by tpsdave - "flamingo splash lake" • oOElena Airaghi PhotosOo - "drought" • wxcasterphx - "Desert lightning strike" • skeeze - "hurricane wilma international space station" • Aenneken - "Mornington Peninsula" • Michael Seeley - "Sunset over Lake Washington" • havankevin - "Key West Gulf of Mexico" • The Cut - "Ice Age Trail - Springfield Hill" • Grand Canyon NPS - "Grand Canyon DEIS Aerial: Colorado River, Geikie Peak" • Sangre-La.com - "jc6853.JPG" • Richard Allaway - "Neath Waterfalls, Wales, United Kingdom" • Pexels - "abstract antique backdrop" • James St. John - "Olivine" • greger.ravik - "184" • zjazjazoie - "oil and water abstract macro" • new 1lluminati - "spiral tribe"

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