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My topic is on car engines and i chose this topic because I've heard of two engines the Wankel engine and Piston engine which is the most common engine but according to sources the Wankel is better in performance. i wanted to know why we use the piston engine if the Wankel engine is better. EQ: Why is the piston engine used in modern cars over the Wankel Engine

What is a Wankel Engine?

A Wankel engine is an internal combustion engine which means it uses an oxidizer ( chemical required by fuel to burn) for the combustion of fuel in a combustion chamber and has different compartments for each job intake, compression, combustion and exhaust the chambers are separated by triangular rotor

How does a Wankel Engine work

This video is relevant because it shows you how a a Wankel engine works. This video me helped out because it goes in depth and how it goes from intake to compression then ignition and finally exhaust. i talks about what parts a wankel engine is made up of and how the eccentric shaft is turned which is equivalent to the crankshaft in piston engine which moves the car forward i found this video helpful because it gave me useful details i didnt know like how a wankel engine only has 3 moving parts

When are the 4 strokes in the Wankel engine taking place

the wankel engine also has 4 strokes like a 4 stroke piston engine would put they take place in different ways The Wankel engine has a rotor that creates a vacuum sucking in the gas air mixture then compresses which is when the spark plugs come in and ignite it combusting the fuel forcing the rotor to keep moving the waste then goes to the exhaust port .

What is a Piston engine?

This is a picture of a piston engine and we can see the visible difference in that the reciprocating engine has pistons instead of a rotor the pistons move down from the expansion of gas and are forced up by the crankshaft which compress the fuel spark plugs ignite the fuel and pushed the pistons back down making the cycle go around again

How does Piston engine work?

This video shows how a Reciprocating engine works. i found this video helpful because it showed how the pistons moved up and down from the combustion of fuel moving the crankshaft which turned linear motion into rotating motion moving your car forwards

Some pros of a Wankel engine are that they have far fewer parts that a reciprocating engine, a 2 rotor Wankel engine has 3 main moving parts while the simplest piston engine has 40 moving parts .They have a higher power to weight ratio, and they can achieve higher revolutions per minute than a piston.

Visual of what goes on in the Cycle of a Piston Engine

Like the previous slides have said the pistons move down from the expansion of gas then moved back up by the crankshaft compressing the fuel, combustion then occuring then exhaust leaving

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