Unit 4 Project Makenna koehl


Students will analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors.

"High levels of family conflict and poor communication skills disrupt parenting and family relations, reduce children’s emotional se- curity, and reinforce the use of aggression and interpersonal hostility. Family members may model risk behaviors and devi- ance or effective emotional and social skills, and they may also endow their children with genes that predispose them to certain risks (e.g., substance abuse)." Pg. 3


Family has a mojar effect on a person's health behaviors. If the people in you family show positive behaviors, you are more likely to have positive health behaviors. However, if your family shows negative behaviors, you are more likely to pick these up as well.

"Adolescents are quite likely to emulate the behavior of popular peers." Pg. 3


Because adolescents value the opinions of their peers, they are likely to base their behaviors off of what their peers are doing.


Many adolescents want to and try to fit in. Because of this, they can be very influenced by culture and society, often imitating the trends and behaviors of people they admire.

" Researchers with several theoretical perspectives have examined possible links between media exposure and changes in attitudes and behaviors." Pg. 8


When teens see things on the media it changes their opinion of it. This can sometimes lead to teens thinking something is completely different than it actually it. Teens are also likely to change things they do to match people they admire on media.

"Among the environmental influences that affect teenagers’ de- velopment, perhaps the most difficult to study is the wide, fast-evolving array of media and technologies that are part of their lives. " pg. 8


Technology is something that many teens spend a lot of time observing and perfecting. To many teens technology is a very important part of their lives. Because they value it so much, the things they see can greatly impact them.

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