On January 17, registered voters in Depew are being asked to make an uninformed choice on the future of our community. Before you vote, village residents deserve simple answers to some very important questions.

What does it mean to “dissolve” our government?

By dissolving our village, we will no longer have a representational government at the most basic level, and we will no longer receive village services.

What is at risk? Will it save taxpayers money?

The Village of Depew is a tight knit community with comprehensive services. Is it impossible to get the same level of services from the Towns of Cheektowaga or Lancaster while still saving the taxpayers money. Simple geography paints a blurry picture. The only way to realize tax savings would be to eliminate those resources altogether. There is NO WAY that eliminating village resources will give Depew residents the same level of safety, security and standard of living provided by the towns.

What services does the Village of Depew provide?

The village provides a wide range of services-- from a top-notch fire department, recreation, tree planting service to sewer maintenance, road and sidewalk maintenance, snow removal plus many more benefits. The Village of Depew also provides one of the most knowledgeable and first-rate police forces in Erie County. These services are what makes living in Depew one of the greatest villages in New York State.

Will my safety and security be compromised?

Yes. Dissolution will threaten the level of services we currently enjoy. If this referendum is allowed to pass, our fire, police, DPW and other services will be provided by the two towns we are located within-- Lancaster and Cheektowaga. Those towns will have no obligation to maintain our current level of services or response times. They can simply add us on to their areas of responsibility without increasing their own staffing levels. To provide the same level of service, the towns would have to add workers and increase taxes which will not happen. Can you really do more with less?

But isn’t dissolving the village supposed to reduce taxes?

Not necessarily. No village dissolution is like any other. Every vote will yield different results and these different variables are hard to control or predict. While some claim dissolution will lower our taxes, taxes can only be reduced by eliminating services. After outstanding village financial obligations are paid and new districts are created, it’s possible you could actually pay more in taxes. There is no certainty what will happen.

The vote is at Village Hall, where you go to vote for all village elections. The address is 85 Manitou Street. Please bring proper identification with you and remember-- you don't have to be a property owner to vote, simply a resident of the Village of Depew. Polls are open from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


The Friends of Depew would like to remind you if you need a ride to the polls, please contact us 716-686-0545 and we’ll be happy to help.

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