Wolverine-Old Man Logan MArk miller

Summary-Old Man Logan is a peaceful hardworking man trying to support his family. His land owners come to his house to collect rent, but logan doesn't have the money to pay for it yet. The Hulk gang said they would come back in a few weeks to collect, after they punished Logan for not paying. While Logan is in bed healing from the beating his old friend hawkeye stops by and tells him they have a job that could get logan a lot of money for his rent, Logan accepts. After a long journey they completed the job and got the money, Logan finds that the Hulk gang came and killed his family, he goes and kills the whole Hulk gang by himself and steals their baby.

Author biography-Mark Miller is a author to many comics The Wanted, and Kick Ass being is top sellers. He has written many other comics and even helped produce marvel movies in the 2000's. His life outside of comics mainly went to Marvel Studies with helping them make movies.

Anger-Logan represents a calm kind hearted person, until the hulk gang killed his family and Logan lost his mind forgot everything about being peaceful and murdered the entire Hulk family and then takes their baby afterwards." no more games no more talking i'm just here to kill you people"

Revenge-Logan is hungry for revenge after the Hulk gang kills his family and seeks to kill Hulks entire family just to make him feel what he feels. After Logan kill Hulks entire family he kills Hulk, and takes his old child left to show that he took away Hulks family to. "the hulk robbed me of my family only fair i should take his"

Awards won: Popular paperbacks for adults won in 2012,

credited review link: http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/01/27/old-man-logan-1-review-2

fan made comic book trailer: https://youtu.be/S8yND4OB1hY the trailer end at 1:52 the rest is just him explaining what he need to do to the trailer.

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