Argumentative Writing English 10

Overview: This week is our introduction to argumentative writing. The activities and assignments this week will prepare you to write an argumentative essay.

Day 1 - Monday

Overview: Today we are going to look at two pieces of argumentative writing to see how effectively or ineffectively the writer uses evidence to support claims.

Before Class: Read the article "Students Who Lose Recess Are the Ones Who Need it the Most" linked below. While reading take note of how the writer supports claims with evidence

During Class: As a large group we will look at another piece of argumentative writing "School Suspensions Don't Work." After reading this article we will discuss first in partners then as a whole group: did the authors do a good job of backing up their claims? Where did the author use evidence? What improvements could be made to the argument? How does the writer develop his or her ideas? Before you leave class, complete the padlet with one point you took away from the readings and discussion.

Day Two- Tuesday

Overview: Today we are going to practice our arguing skills. We will have an informal debate over some common topics.

Before Class: Take a look at these debate topics so you can be prepared for class.

Debate Topics: Students should be able to leave school for lunch, cell phones should be allowed during school, the voting age should be lowered, does technology get in the way of learning?

During Class: We will be debating the entire class period. When you come to class I will pass out playing cards. Each student gets two cards. When you want to comment in the debate you need to throw in the playing card. If you run out of cards then you run out of comments.

Day Three- Wednesday

Overview: The work we do in class today is in preparation for a more formal debate. There will be one debate topic and we will spend today preparing our arguments and finding evidence.

Debate Topic - School Internet Controls: Schools typically block inappropriate websites and sites that are not educational. Should schools limit what students are allowed to access? Is blocking content effective or will students just try to find a way to get around it?

During Class: Below is a link to a google doc template to help you organize your claims and evidence for the debate. Before you leave class please fill out the google form linked below with a brief description of the claims and arguments you developed today.

Day Four- Thursday

Overview: Today we are going to be debating over the topic you researched yesterday. Be sure to bring your work from yesterday to class to use during the debate.

During Class: When you get to class I will randomly assign you to a side. Like Tuesday, you will receive two playing cards and that is your chance to speak during the debate.

After Class: please turn in your outline either electronically or hard copy and a one paragraph written response reflecting on how well your claims and evidence supported the groups argument.

Day Five- Friday

Overview: Today we will begin the process of writing our argumentative essays. You will have a chance to explore and develop your ideas and topics.

During Class: Today you will choose an argumentative essay topic. Do some research and once you decide on your topic write a proposal answering the following questions: what your topic is, why you chose that topic, what your next steps are, and any preliminary research you have found. When you have completed your proposal turn it in either hard copy or electronically.


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