Timeline of my life

I was born on September 20th 2000. I started school in kindergarten in august of 2006. In elementary school I was involved with cub scouts and Boy Scouts and soccer. 5 significant events up until high school would be my brother graduated when I was in the 8th grade, in the 8th grade I moved to my grandparents crib, in the 6th grade I got my first job at detasseling, I got my first dog in the 6th grade, and I drove for the first time in the 5th grade.

I started high school in august 2015. 1 smart goal for before I graduate is to get a job by applying, I will give up free time for money, I want to get it before I graduate. I am involved in shooting trap for the trap team, I'm going to be in ffa, I'm going to be in basketball. I will graduate may of 2019.

I will start collage in august 2019 at Milford. 1 smart goal is to not fail any classes, I will do this by paying attention I will give up free time to do this, I want to get it before the class ends. 2 activities I will be apart of are an after class study group, and I will pry get tutoring cuz I'm not smart. I will graduate in January 2020

My dream career would be an auto body technician in Nebraska close to home. One smart goal is to not get fired and to do a good job, I will do that buy putting forth effort, I will give up some free time to do that, I want to do that as soon as I start. 1 orginazation would be the department of motor vehicles. I will retire later when I'm older

I plan to get married someday. I plan on having kids maby someday. 10 things I would like to do as an adult, travel to every state before I die, travel to every country before I die, have money at my disposal, have my own crib, have a nice car, have some quality subwoofers up in my whip, have a dope tv, not having to go to school, not being forced to go places, being able to do what I want.

If you don't start planning ahead now then eventually you will be a senior and graduated and living in yo mammas basement. My brother would help accomplish my goals because he wants me to be successful, my mom because she wants me to be successful and she will get mad if I don't, my grandmother because she wants me to get an education and stuff. No not really because it covered basically everything.

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