Shakespeare Project By: Emi Tamayo period 6

Thesis: Shakespeare influenced the world through his early, middle, and late life.

Early Years

Quote #1: "Beginning at about the age of 7, William probably attended the Stratford grammar school with other boys of his social class...Young Shakespeare may have read such outstanding ancient Roman authors as Cicero, Ovid, Plautus, Seneca, Terence, and Virgil"(Lander).

Commentary: This quote shows that at a young age, William Shakespeare was already introduced to some types of literature. This may be the foundation to where it all began with his many great ideas that have changed the world.

Quote #2: "Latin study began at 6:00 or 7:00 A. M. and continued until 5:00 P. M. , with short breaks for eating and recreation. Strict discipline was maintained, often with corporal, or physical, punishment"("Shakespeare").

Commentary: Although Shakespeare was very young, he was forced to attend a school that was strict about the study of Latin. This shows that from the start, Shakespeare had a strong knowledge background which helped him become a very successful writer in the future. Later he would become one of the most famous writers that have changed the world.

Quote #3: "Without the income provided by acting and playwriting, Shakespeare turned to poetry. In 1593, Venus and Adonis became the first of Shakespeare’s works to be published"(Lander).

Commentary: After taking an interest in poetry, William Shakespeare began his career with the publishing of two poems. This is important because the poems published were just the start of what will become a great contribution to the world of literature.

Middle Years

Quote #4: "Shakespeare throughout 1599 began to write works of increasing complexity, challenging his audiences to pay attention to him rather than to the easy-listening plays of his rivals"(Worsely).

Commentary: William Shakespeare began creating more advanced works and he wanted to be different from what other people were writing. This caught many people's attention because they had to really pay attention to his writing and his projects soon became popular around the world.

Quote #5: "Shakespeare succeeded in outdoing other English playwrights in the lurid tradition of the revenge play... For twenty more years he continued to master and perfect all of these forms—comedy, history, and tragedy..."("Shakespeare").

Commentary: William Shakespeare became very good at writing many plays as his career took off. Shakespeare soon surpassed other English playwrights and his writing continued to attract the attention of many people.

Quote #6: "In 1594 Shakespeare became an actor and playwright for the Lord Chamberlain's Men, the company that later became the King's Men under James I. Until the end of his London career Shakespeare remained with the company..."("William").

Commentary: Aside from being a playwright, William Shakespeare also became an actor and he made his writing come to life. This is important because many people enjoyed his works in the past and his writing is still influencing the world today.

Quote #7: "...Shakespeare ranked as London’s most popular playwright, based on the number of times his plays were performed and published. But his reputation was largely that of a popular playwright, not of a writer of unequaled genius"(Lander).

Commentary: In his years of fame, William Shakespeare was widely noticed among many people. He received a lot of recognition for his playwriting and it continued to accelerate as the years went on. All this attention persisted and the world today is very much influenced by his writing.

Last Years

Quote #8: "During his last eight years, Shakespeare was the sole author of only three plays—Cymbeline,The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale...Shakespeare gradually reduced his activity in London rather than ending it abruptly"(Lander).

Commentary: As Shakespeare's career came to a close, he was still taking part in some plays. His career ended gradually, so it would not be such a sudden end. Shakespeare has made a huge impact in the world of playwriting.

Quote #9: "By 1612...Shakespeare had written thirty-seven plays, including such masterpieces as Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth"(Anderson 777).

Commentary: By the time Shakespeare retired, he had written many plays. This is very significant because all of his plays are still being read to this day no matter how long ago it was written. Today, many people still enjoy reading Shakespeare's works and his influences will not be forgotten.

Quote #10: "Shakespeare retired and returned to Stratford c.1613. He undoubtedly enjoyed a comfortable living throughout his career and in retirement, although he was never a wealthy man"("William").

Commentary: After William Shakespeare retired, he knew that he made a huge impact and left a mark on the world. He wrote many poems and plays that even when he stopped writing, his works were already very well known.

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