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Smoke N Phire Productions was born out of a need in the music industry. To many indie bands were being taken advantage of, preyed upon by 'fake' companies that only took thier money and did nothing else, and I could no longer watch it happen. I set out with a goal to change the industry. In the beginning I didn't see myself as a band manager, but that is what I have become. All the bands I work with have found me. My name and reputation has been shot into the industry which has resulted in an explosion of growth for my company. There has never been another company in the music industry that has achieved as much as I have in the same amount of time. It is considered to be impossible, but I have done it.

Smoke N Phire open April 1, 2017. Within the first 2 months I had 4 bands come to me asking for me to manage them. One was local to me, two lived in other states and the last was in Brazil. In less than 60 days Smoke N Phire was an International company.

By six months we had our website going, had added another ten bands to work with, two labels were working with us, and another management company. We did a benefit show to raise money for kids going back to school 'Raise The Roof For Schools' and worked on 'Heat Fest' which is a benefit show to raise money for veterens.

Fast forward to today, we work with some amazing labels, producers, promoters and other industry professionals. We have our own, official transportation company we work with, 24 of the most talented bands, musicians and one comedian around. We are still adding bands monthly. We have a team that I have trained or am training. My artists cover the US, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, Chile, Canada and Sweden. There is no one who can claim to have risen in the music industry as fast as I have, and it's safe to say there will never be again.

SIERRA VISTA — When Mary Feller found out her friend Benjamin Caron was in a serious car accident Feb. 11, she knew she had to do something to help. That’s why she and a group of other locals is planning a series of concerts to help with his living expenses as he recovers.

“He can’t perform, he now has no income,” Feller said. “He needs to worry about getting better.”

Caron, who is well known in Sierra Vista and Bisbee for his dance and music performances and community service, was injured in a serious accident Sunday in Hereford. He suffered broken bones and internal damage, according to Facebook posts by his brother, Jeremey Caron.

Mindy Aguirre, a Sierra Vista local and friend of Caron, came upon the accident on her way home from picking her children up from school. She saw the chaos of the accident and pulled over to see what she could do to help. That’s when she found Caron amid the crumbled chaos.

She stayed with him for a few minutes until first responders arrived on the scene but still remembers this:

“He was driving his parents’ car and I didn’t even recognize it was him until he looked at me and smiled,” she said. “I thought that it was really amazing that even in his position he could still smile.”

Caron performs variety shows with his brother as the musical duo The Frytown Toughs. Caron is also the choreographer and instructor for The Ricketty Rockettes, a local jazz performing group for adults 55 and older.

His car accident on Highway 92 landed him in a Tucson hospital, according to his brother’s social media posts. It’ll be a while until he is fully healed.

Feller plans to hold the first benefit concert at the Horned Toad in Sierra Vista within the next couple of weeks. Tickets are $10, Feller said, and the concert will feature bands from across the county, though she has yet to solidify a date.

All of the proceeds from the concert will go directly to Caron, whose presence is already missed here, said friend Robin Bruce Stockmar.

“I work with him in community theater. There’s a big group of us that work in Bisbee and all do shows together. I see him all the time and work on stuff with him as well. And him being out is really hard and not only because he’s a friend,” said Stockmar, who set up a GoFundMe account to collect donations for Caron.

Caron plays in the band Frytown Toughs with his brother Jeremey as the main keyboardist, but also Cat Daddy & 12 Barz Blues Band and Strangelove. Stockmar said Caron has a huge affect on the arts scene throughout the area.

In addition to music, Caron — who previously performed in gunfights staged at the OK Corral in Tombstone — is also involved with a play, and teaching tap and ballet classes for the city.

“He’s an integral part of the arts community,” Stockmar said. “And everything is kind of on hold.”

Dozens of people have shown interest in the concert In just the last few days, Feller said.

“We have a lot of bands that want to be involved to raise money for Ben,” she said. “They may not know him but he’s another musician.”

Rafael A. Huerta, of the Sierra Vista band Diamondbaxx Shake, is one of many local musicians performing in the benefit concert. He’s known Caron for about five years, but said this is something his band would’ve done for any musician in need.

“Musicians are a brotherhood, you’re supposed to help each other out,” he said. “Ben is the nicest person on earth.”

Lorenzo Alverson, bassist for Diamondbaxx Shake, met Caron 10 years ago during another music project. He said it’s only natural they help Caron in return for him helping them out.

“He’s played with us before and didn’t ask for anything,” Alverson said. “If he needs help, we’re there for him. Music is like a family.”

“He’s resilient and he’ll make it through this,” Stockmar said. “He’ll probably be super angry he can’t do anything for a bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went on and tried to do it anyways. He doesn’t do things for money. That’s not him. He’s a selfless guy.”

Emily Thurlow contributed to this article.

• By Lauren Renteria lauren.renteria@myheraldreview.com

• Feb 18, 2018

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