Outcome 6 Personal Values and Goal setting

Note: I participated in this activity in class, but forgot to take note as to my actual top 10 values. This Outcome was formulated from memory of that activity, as well as some outside personal contributions.

1. My Top Values included...

Family - because what greater connection can you have to something than to share genetics? These people have aided me in growing into an adult, and instilled the values that are the most important to me. I was raised that no matter how wrong I my be, no matter how far I may be, no matter the time of day, family will always be there as my backbone.

Hope - because the world may fail you, all obstacles may be against you, but if you hold onto hope you will go no where but up.

Security - although many saw this value as odd, it is important to me. I am a lover of order. I am not myself when my safety is questioned, so to feel protected and as if someone is guarding me at all times is very important to me.

To love - because if there is nothing to love there is nothing to live for. Love is this world's most powerful tool and life's deepest emotion. You learn a lot about yourself when you learn to love others, so it is a value I hold close to my heart.

To be loved - because it summarizes family and security. It is necessary to feel important and valued. To feel loved is to feel safe as yourself, and it is something that is beautifully unconditional in family.

Faith/ religion - because a lot of my values are reflected in my faith. Love is best taught through the forgiveness within religion, and hope is instilled when you look to your faith.

2. My MOST Important however...

My most important value to me I felt was hope. If hope is retained the rest of the values will follow or fall into place. If for some reason you distance from your family, lose the security of love, or lose sight of your faith, hope is a key that can draw you back to with some effort.

3. Reflection

During the process I found it difficult to “get rid of” family and religion. People often say “family comes first” or “God comes first”, but instances in life may take those things away from you by taking you off the beaten path. Stripping these core values away left me to feel vulnerable. This made me question... if everything great in my life was stolen from me, what would be the ONE thing I would hold on to? For me, this is how I drew my most prized value, hope.

4. Short Term Goals

My short term goals are to get off academic probation and to regain my academic scholarship. To achieve this, I must focus on each class individually, and how to alter my approach to them to raise my grade in each course. Winning those small battles allow you to win the war.

I must have hope to achieve my goals. If I do not believe that I myself can do it, I would never make progress. In the short term, I would use my family as motivation to work harder. I am lucky to have them help me pay for my schooling, so I owe it to them to get back on my game.

5. Long Term Goals

My long term goals are to graduate on time, get into a strong occupation or graduate school. And to be happy. To do so, I must take each semester as if it’s my last. I need to be sure to pass each class and get my requirements completed in order, as well as keep a close relationship with my advisor. As for being happy, I cant lose sight of who I am. Amidst the stress and anxiety of college, a daily reminder of what makes me feel good (a cleansing run, a long drive, my favorite foods, etc) will ground me to my happiness for years.

To reach these goals, I must use a lot of my values. I must love myself enough to find my happiness. I must have hope and put in the effort to have a successful future. Finally, I need to keep my family and my faith in mind and in heart. Working for them and with them will relieve anxiety and add to my overall joyous attitude.

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