Qualitative Data Analysis Project Emotions: Someplace in the south

Teacher Emotions

  • Disappointment (TeDIS)
  • Excitement (TeEX)
  • Frustration (Frus)
  • Satisfaction (Sat)
  • Relief (teRL)
  • Compassion (Comp)
  • Confusion (Conf)
  • Worry (WRY)
  • Patience (Pat)

Student Emotions

  • Excitement (StuEX)
  • Relief (StuRL)
  • Disappointment (StuDIS)
  • Surprise (Surp)
  • Gratitude (Grat)
  • Fulfillment (Ful)
  • Unprepared (UnP)
  • Embarrassed (Emb)

Teacher Actions

  • Authoritative Actions (AA)
  • Outbursts (Out)
  • Confrontation (CNFR)
  • Encouraging Students (ES)
  • Teaching Life Skills (TLS)

Student Actions

  • Disrespect (DRP)

Achievement (Ach)

Pre-Judgement (PreJ)

Support Systems

  • Teacher Collaboration (TC)
  • University Support (US)


Informational (Inf)

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