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Community motto: Let the ocean guide you to adventure.

Community seal:

discover greatness

Our mission: This is a land of STAY. Once you come it's so nice you will want to stay. Instead of having school everyday it's ADVENTURE. Your thoughts will be in your MIND not on paper. You can IMAGINE life in a better place. Why have memories of you doing work at school when you can be here CALM and have the adventure memories. We love DREAMERS of people who aren't so worried about being right, but people who love to TRY even if its not good. We don't compare peoples talents we are looking for FUN. We have an earth that is beautiful what better way to admire it by having adventure OUTSIDE.

The ten rules:

1.Find your adventure

2.have peace

3.Don't wine about adventure

4.be a good sport to others

5.Be safe when doing your activities

6.you have to be outside at least 5 times a week unless you can't

7.you can still work just not for school

8.Teach others who need to find their greatness

9.Don't let the fun fade

10.Have fun and don't worry

Location: Florida Keys

Daily schedule:

1.wake up 2.do what you would normally do in the morning 3.get your friends and head to the beach or some place in the Florida Keys 4.have fun at the beach 5.eat lunch 6.spend time with family like your parents, cousins, grandparents ect. 7.With your family go do something on land in the Keys 8.eat dinner 9.Go back to the beach 10.go to bed

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Ella Ward


Created with images by dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "kite surfing sport surfing" • ramona220 - "florida-keys"

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