The Harn Museum Laura Cordero

Medium of the Art

The piece of artwork presented below really introduced and capsulated the idea of abstract. I believe that abstract art isn't meant to be understood, but rather exemplifies how there can be more than one view on a certain object. For instance, my roommates and I went to the museum together and all interpreted this piece of art differently. I saw collage of marine life and marine creatures. One of my roommates saw a Chinese dragon, while my other roommate was reminded of the organ system. I think this piece of art achieves these various perspectives due to the intricacy of the design and the use of 3D. It was striking to me that one piece of art can be interpreted in very different ways. Due to the controversy of this art, this art made me feel confused but also pleased because I felt as if there wasn't a correct interpretation.

Design of the Museum

One of my favorite parts of the museum is the area pictured below. The museum uses the space wisely by not overcrowding a room with too much art which can be overwhelming to people who aren't familiar with art. Another way in which they use the space sensibly is by including different parts of nature throughout the exhibit. In the picture below, this exhibit was outside and was just nature. I think this is a very nice touch to the overall design of the museum because nature can be seen as earth's art. This part of the exhibit was my favorite because it made me feel at ease due to the serenity of the outside and the sound of the water.

Art and Core Values

I value the idea of equality. These two pieces of arts pictured below both express the lack of equality in regards to gender in todays society. I think that the art was representing the extra work that women must put in to fit into society. This can be seen in the art to the left in which the female is sweating but still has her lipstick and jewels because women today are expected to look that way because of what is portrayed in the media. In the picture to the right of me it seems as if the female was hurt but has to cover it with glitter and pretend to be fine. This artwork makes me mad because despite everyone being equal, females are still portrayed as inferiors to men.

Art and the Good Life

I chose this piece of art because I think it can relate back to multiple good life themes including seeking, embodying, celebrating, and sharing. Personally, I think traveling is one of the best aspects of life because you crete memories and connections with the people who you travel with relating back to the sharing aspect of the good life. Many people, especially those who love to travel, seek to go to the city and by traveling you are embodying the good life. Traveling is also a way to celebrate some of our accomplishments. This painting made me understand how important it is to have a work-life balance in order to achieve the good life.

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