The power to tell our own story. We have the power to create our own story how we want but people enter our life in different ways. Some people change you forever and some they are just passing through to find the right thing. We are the only ones that can make a change in our story. We have to fight off everything we think is bad to find what we think is good in life. We get pushed down, pushed away but we still stand back up to keep fighting to tell our own story for as long as we can. We fight through things to get to what we want in life. We have to stop saying no to new adventures and start saying YES so we can make our story as long as we can before it is taken from us. Like a quote I recall from Groucho Marx "I intend to live forever, or die trying." To me means to get out and do new things and take a chance even if you may end up with an injury.

Keep doing you so your story is unique and different . Keep it the way you want it so your story doesn't match someone else's. If you think about it there are people out there born without limbs or with other birth defects that use those to their advantages by telling people their story and inspiring other people to fight through their injuries or other things affecting their lives and to just get back up and continue. Even thought some falls take you down and make you feel hopeless and unable to get back up but you can because if you stay down do you think you will ever get back up. Create your story how you want it because there are people out there that want to read your story.


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