War of the Roses Zoey Luttrell

Henry VI ruled England from 1422 to 1461, his father and grandfather were good kings but Henry was a bad warrior. Henry VI lost the fight against France "Hundred Years War" Edward IV took the throne from Henry VI in 1461 and ruled until 1483, Edward was an inspiring military leader who believed Henry was not fit enough to be a king. Henry VI versus Edward IV was very important and the most bloody battle, so many died that they said a red blood stain ran for 6 miles
Was Richard III guilty? I believe so because he had the nephews over the summer in the tower of London and then the two princes were never seen after 1483

1485 a nobleman Henry Tudor landed in Wales and raised an army and defeated Richard III on the Bosworth Field in August 22, 1485

Henry Tudor did not have a good claim on the throne of England. In order to end the War of the Roses Henry Tudor marries the daughter of Edward IV


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