Mt.Krakaota, Indonesia, August 16th-28, 1883 Malique hawkins

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Mt. Krakatoa is a volcanic island in the Sunda Strait. It was a very big volcanic eruption. It made history! It caused the loudest noise in recorded history. Magma mixing was the cause and the trigger of the eruption. It wasn't just the loudest volcano in history, it was a killer. Some of the first victims of the volcano were at Ketimbag, a village on the southern coast. Over 2,000 people died from this incident. People died from the ash and smoke of the eruption. It was over 700 degrees. People died once they inhaled the smoke. It's an island with no population. The smoke and ash traveled 20 miles over the water before it got too human life. That volcanic eruption was one of the biggest in history. Ketimbag was not completely destroyed. This was one of the top ten highest deaths of a volcano.

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