Butler County By: Alexis V.

Butler County Important events

"Black Gold Rush" In the fall of 1995 a cable tool-drilling rig owned by Whichita Natural gas began drilling at a oil well. One day a depth of 670ft of oil was discovered. The word spread really quickly. Butlers economy changed over night. People went there in hope to find riches. The price for land went up. The population of El Dorado and Oil Hill grew. In a single year more than 28 million barrels of crude oil was produced.

Butler County became a county officially on Febuary, 11 1855

On June 22, 1871 a tornado hit El Dorado, and caused a great damage. Houses were torn off of their foundation.

Butler County V.I.P's

Andrew Pickens Butler was an important man because the county was named after him. He was a former senator in South Carolina. He was one of the authors of the Kansas-Nebraska act, and a supporter of Kansas becoming a slave state.

Andrew Pickens Butler

Andrew Carnegie was an important man. He was one of americas most successful industrialist. He was a very wealthy man, back then it was said he was one of the richest man in the world. Once he retired from the industrial business, he used his money and helped his community. He built schools, donated money for charity, and he donated money to libraries. Like the Carnegie Library that is located in this county, and is named after him.

Andrew Carnegie

Another important man was Frank S. Allen. He donated money to a hospital in this county, and that hospital was named after his mother.

Don Engels is Butler County's County Clerk. Some of his jobs are to maintain tax roles and issuing hunting and fishing permits/licenses.

This is Kelly Harzet the county sheriff.

Common Jobs

Some of the common jobs in Butler county are a business collector, and data collector

Cities and towns

  • El Dorado. Aproximate population- 13,021
  • Benton. Approximate population- 900
  • Rose hill. Approximate population- 4,000
  • Douglas. Approximate population- 2,000
Polecat Creek stone bridge


  • El Dorado Carnegie Library
  • Susan B. Allen memorial hospital
  • El Dorado lake
  • El Dorado state park
  • El Dorado community college
  • The stone bridges

Cool facts

  • The old California trail runs through Butler County

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