School is Overwhelming Students! João De Luca

School stopped being as efficient as it was and students are in trouble.

Last semester at the Escola Americana from Rio de Janeiro a student had so much homework on the night before that when he arrived from school at 5 he only showered and slept right away. He didn't finish any assignment or activity he was supposed to do which ended up causing him trouble.

This case is something that happens in the whole world, students receive piles of homework, stay at school until 3:40 and end up only having time with family or friends during the weekends. For the students a week can feel like an year as a weekend feels like 2 hours. A time that would perfectly fit a teenager schedule would be from 9 A.M until 1:30 P.M because the student doesn't need to wake up too early and he can also have lunch at home which is a lot healthier since some students don't eat at school. This time frame is the reality of a High School in Switzerland, Leysin, a top school in the world. This method has proven to be efficient and productive.

Another aspect that would make every person's life in school a lot easier would be to make the exit better. The gate always opens 20 minutes late and with the line the students wait 30 minutes to go to the car, delaying their way home, and increasing the actual time students stay in school.

Something to think about is that many people believe that it is efficient to implement this system where schools take place on most part of the day because many parents are working during this time, it is actually understandable although it becomes irrelevant by the fact it can harm their child's education. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the average hours studied in the United States is 6 hours. In addition, researches prove that the brain only fully functions after a certain time awake, so forcing students into a early start is not the best way to encourage education.

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