The Relationship Between Matthew and Sarah The story of there love and how it all ended

Sahew(Matthew plus Sarah.)

It all started out as a regular friendship then the bond of the 2 became 1.

There first text as being a couple.

The only problem of there relationship was that Matthew was not aloud to date till 16 so there secret relationship went on.

There relationship went on and they had there first kiss but they were soon to figure out that the thing going on between them will not go any further.

Advancing the relationship.
When they banged.

They had all there fun but then they were figured out and MATTHEW dumped Sarah!

I hope that no one will ever break up like they did.

SO Matthew or Sarah never ever break up like that again and if you do get back together i will not support you guys.

Say goodbye to Sahew and Welcome the Single Matthew and Sarah.
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Bronze Arcanine

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