Mercenary Brands More Than Just Bow Ties

I started Mercenary Brands because I was tired of seeing the same bow ties everywhere I looked.

Plain. FLAT. boring.

I wanted bow ties as bold as the standard neckties I saw. Full of color and design, available in a full range of expression. In the business world the only way to really set yourself apart is with ties and socks.

Standard neckties are just that, 'standard', however bow ties really started to intrigue me. I'm not sure why bow ties really fell out of fashion for the masses. Maybe it is the lack of options, the lack of expression outside of the status quo.

We are here to change that!

Each Mercenary Brands bow tie can be worn in 4 different ways, and have bold options available. Each bow tie has a solid color on one side and a corresponding pattern on the other.

This gives you the option to wear a solid color if you need to convey a certain message. Conversly the patterned side is available for you to express yourself as much as possible.

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