Adrianna ALbAnia

My name is Adrianna Palaj

This is detriot I was born here
I am Albanin My family came from Montengro,Albanina
This is how my famliy came to the U.S.A on a boat.My famliy was poor

My dad dad came here 49 years ago

This is Ellis island it took my famliy 6 months and 1 day.

This is the flag

My family came to U.S.A for a betterLife.

My Favorite foods are...


Burek can have meat

People that are Albanin love fish!

In the old days peopel only ate bread.

My favorite thigs to do...

Dancing to Albanin songs at a party.

Playing soccer

And I like playing with my sisters.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Albanina, the foods, plus how my famliy came here. This is my life so far

The end!🇦🇱


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