Final Portafolio by: Luis Sánchez and Jesús Pineda

Present Perfect Continuos vs Present Perfect
Present Perfect Passive
In the active voice, describes a sentence where the subject performs the action stated by the verb. In passive voice sentences, the subject is acted upon by the verb.
Future Perfect Example: He will have eaten his lunch by 2 pm. Future Perfect Continuos: He will be eating his lunch at 2 pm.
Defining Relative Clauses
Non-Defining Relative Clauses
Body Idioms: Heart to heart, enter your head, all fingers and thumbs, all ears, face the facts, put on a brave face, cold feet, give me a hand, hands full, out of my mind.
Phrasal Verbs: Find out, break up, hold on, speak up, set off, stay in, settle down, turn up, cheer up, shut up
Films, theatre, books: Act (F T), plot (F B), storyline (P T B), chapter (B T), stalls (T), critic (F T B), director (T F), backstage (T), trailer (F), script (F T), rehearsal (T), review (T), e-reader (B), character (B F T), musical (F T), starring role (F T), novelist (B), martinee (F T), prequel/sequel (F B), documentary (F), blockbuster (F), animation (F), screen (F), interval (T), fairy tale (B F T), programme (T), whodunnit (T), science fiction (F B), hardback (B), dressing-room (T), performance (F T), thriller (B F), playwright (B T F), autobiography (B), full house (F T), paperback (B)
Phrasal Verbs: Come up with, break into, break off, tell off, bring up, count on, deal with, drop out of, fit in with, look up to, point out, take back
People, places and things: Unspoit, stubborn. breathtaking, cracked, arrogant, humble, loyal, overcrowded, picturesque, waterproof, smashed, automatic, desolate, built-up, conceited, priceless, handmade, considerate


Our conclusion in this class, we like in a special way because was the first time that we got a funny English class, in the past there were good teachers but they worked with the classic way, teaching just with videos and explications. In this class, we can learn all kind of grammar and vocabulary in a dynamic way like online games and new projects that we never had worked with them. We like the class because, it existed a very good ambiente and everybody was a in good mood for the school life. We hope having the same class in the next semestre, when we mean the same class, we mean to the same schoolmates, friends, teacher, and same way to learn.

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