How Otzi Died?

Otzi (the Iceman) is the 5,300 year old frozen mummy found on the Austrian - Italian border in 1991 by two hikers. He is the best preserved natural mummy ever found. When Otzi was found he had a copper axe with him which was a sign that, he lived in the stone age. The reason why Otzi stayed intact was due to the ice. When Otzi died he was on a mountain and was buried in the ice for 5,300 years. Scientist know this after carbon- dating which is when you see how much C-14 is left in the body.

A theory scientists believe of how Otzi died is, that he was in a battle and was shot by an arrow. Before the battle Otzi had a deep cut on his hand. Scientist think it was because of violent conflict with someone before the battle. Later, the Iceman was on the mountain and without even knowing, he was shot by an arrow in his back. Then bled to death. I agree with this theory because there is a lot of evidence behind it. For example, scientists found a arrowhead lodged in the iceman's back and also his body revealed a deep cut on his right hand, which was wounded. Even though there are many other theory's of how Otzi died, I think this one is the most closes to the truth, of how Otzi, the Iceman died.

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