FMP/week 2 what we have done so far and whats next.

13th march.

today in lessons what we did was we had to finish our proposals of by Wednesday and also had to complete the presentation that day because we were going to present them to the class on the 15th which was in two days. what we need to do is complete some of the work for our FMP at home and even start on a workable demo for our game. i have now decided at this point to focus on work for the rest of the month and even when we begin the MAIN part of the FMP.

15th march

today was the day of the presentation and me and harry were the first ones up, i think we did OK but everyone who went after crushed our presentation, ours compared to theirs ours was not that great but i think we did OK. also someone else came in today to talk about sound design in games. he also works for code masters and worked on games like formula one and more racing games, he does sounds in the games like the car noises and crowds and that. it was quite interesting to learn about and made me think about what i want in my FMP. also today i worked on then demo, i got quite a lot done.(presentation picture below)

16th march

today we are finishing up work and getting our demo running and getting functions completed. also we are now moving the journals to adobe spark which is why i'm writing on there now, originally i did it o word but i just moved it round. also we are doing research for our FMPs and if not done already get the journals dates correct and everything complete on that.

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