Ted's Trip around ECHS A photo journey

The Science room

Science. Ted really likes life science, because he feels that is where he belongs. Today, however, Ted learned about Physical Science, and all the different types of energy. Ted thought it was really weird that they had to separated things like that.

Ted in Algebra

Ted's next place is Algebra. Ted doesn't care much for math, but Ted is pretty good at multiples of 8. Ted has also enjoyed the use of the colored pens needed for graphing compound inequalities, which Ted is pretty good at. Ted likes multitasking with his pens because it is easy for him.

Ted using his pens and pencil
Ted During English

Ted loved today's English class. We did snowball essays, so Ted chose the topic "why all animal sports should be outlawed". He knew quite a lot about the subject because he talks to his buddies Starlight the horse, and Shasta the husky. Ted also loved the part where he crumpled up the essay and threw it across the room.

Ted's internet discovery

During lunch, Ted decided to stay in his locker and work on his blog. In between posts Ted looked through his Facebook and saw this post and just HAD to add it to his school story.

Ted during American History

Ted didn't know anything about American History, but that was not his fault, since he is only an octopus. Now Ted knows much more about the Civil War Reconstruction than he did before. Then again, Ted didn't even know there WAS a Civil War before today.

Ted messing around behind Miss Harlan's back
Ted in Foods

Ted loves food. Except calamari. Ted HATES calamari. Thankfully, today Ted is not making calamari, Ted is making Chex mix! Oh how Ted loves Chex mix.

Ted in accounting

Here is Ted analyzing transactions in accounting. Ted really doesn't know what analyzing transactions is, but he is trying his best.

Ted fell asleep.

Ted didn't mean to fall asleep doing his accounting, honest! Ted has just had a long day and it is really warm and quiet in the library today...

Ted in the Band room

Ted really isn't in band, but Ted is in Choir for his beautiful voice. However, the choir is not meeting today so Ted is chilling in the band room.

Ted on this instrument Ted does no know how to play

Ted has found this plugin keyboard that is just his size. Ted really likes playing the keyboard.

Ted and his cool new keyboard

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