Chateau de la Douve My french castle

Once upon a time there was a French Marquis in small medieval village in France, near Nantes. The marquis owned a nice piece of land but was not wealthy. Luckily he met a rich woman from Belgium, they fell in love and built a beautiful small pink chateau on the family property of the Marquis. In the village of le Bourg D´Ire, between Nantes and Segres.

A place like this can never be owned, it belongs to itself, to history and above all to the inhabitants of the small village, who every day have a nice view of the towers of the chateau. However, we were lucky enough to call it ours from 2004 and till recently. Our family have spent many lovely holidays there and learnt a lot from the French "savoir de vivre".

Now we have passed it on to a gentleman from Belgium, whom we hope will love and cherish it, as we have done....

La vie en rose.....

We have spent every Summer and many other holidays there since 2004 - we will miss it...

The Roses

We planted roses all over the place - and from May to November the place is filled with the scent of ancient roses. Most of them with French names - but all brought from Denmark. Perhaps that´s why they grow so overwhelmingly in the Loire Valley....

Shadows on the wall - Gitte with her camera - as usual! Now trying to figure out how the new Leica works..

Or dwell in the pool
Lasse and Ditte working out in the hest
Mama´s boy - one of them...

To be continued...

Created By
Gitte Skjold Gjersoe


Photos Gitte Skjold

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