Dear John movie vs. book

The book Dear John, is a love story that you cant stop reading. It is a heart wrenching story of a solider, John, a college girl, Savannah, and John's dad a coin collector. The two test their chance at love in North Carolina. They fall in love only to be torn apart when John has to go back to Germany for war. Being half way across the world they must write letters to keep in touch. Their love will be tested. When John comes back home on leave the two start to fight over the time they spend together. Resolving their problems John heads back for his last 6 months in war or so he thinks. When 9/11 hits our country John must face a decision that will affect not only his future but also his and Savannah's future. When John decides to reenlist the most heart breaking letter comes. Savannah fell in love with someone else. To top it all off John's dad had a heart attack. When John comes home to see his dad he must face a very difficult decision, to put his dad in the nursing home. When John goes back to war he feels confident his dad is in good hands at the nursing home. A few months later, John's dad died. When home for his funeral, John decides to go to Savannah's were he learns her husband Tim has cancer. Later one that week John and Savannah part ways again this time seems to cause the most heartache. When John learns they need money for Tim's surgery, John decides to sell his dad's precious coin collection and save Tim's life despite his feelings for Savannah.

This book made me feel many emotions. Nicholas sparks is really good at pulling people into books. I don't like to read but, i was unable to put it down. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite books.

The movie Dear John, is a tear jerking romance. Special Forces Army Sergeant, John is home on leave from Germany. College student, Savannah is in North Carolina on mission trip building houses. The two fall in love at first sight, something John didn't think was possible until the moment he laid his eyes on her. The two spend two weeks together to put love to the test. After a heart wrenching goodbye they must figure out a way to keep their love true. Having one is the United States and, one all the way in Germany letters will test their love. When John comes home on leave everything seems to be fine. When John leaves for war, for what he thinks is the last time he will be leaving Savannah, he feels confident in their love. When 9/11 swept the nation, hearts broke, leaving John to make a life changing choice. When he decides to defend our beloved country on the front line in Iraq, his life isn't the only thing put on the line. On his next leave him and Savannah will fight over the time they spend together. After all problems are solved and their love seems strong John heads back to the front line. When John receives his first letter from Savannah in a while and, it breaks his heart. The unthinkable happened her heart was stolen by her childhood friend, Tim. At the worst timing ever John's dad had a heart attack. He took emergency leave to go see his dad in an unstable condition. John goes back to Germany and a month later John's dad died. After his funeral John goes to Savannah's. Him and Savannah catch up where he learns about her husband and his cancer. John and Savannah spend a ton of time together and, even go to see Tim. John must leave Savannah with a broken heart yet again. John gives money to try to save Tim's life but, it fails and, Tim dies. When John is headed home on his final leave that will last a lifetime. He meets Savannah and love gets a second chance.

This movie proves that love always get a second chance.

The differences between the movie and book: Tim dies in movie not the book. Savannah and John get a second chance at love in the movie. John is in the army in the book. In the movie John is in specials services. Tim and Savannah have a son in the movie. In the book Allen, Tim's brother, rides his bike to the hospital. In the movie he gets a ride. In the book Savannah doesn't tell John about Tim's sickness right away. In the movie she does. In the book John visits Savannah in college.

In the end the biggest difference is that the movie was more to the point.

Personally i like the movie better than the book. The movie was more straight forward and, didn't drag out every little thing. I enjoyed the movie ending way more than the book. The movie gave Savannah and John a second chance at love. The movie to me just had a better ending. The book ending was a little sad because, Savannah and John part ways a never see each other again. I watched the movie before i read the book so, once I finished the book I can honestly say i was very mad. It sounds bad but in the movie Tim dies, in the book he doesn't and, I was just waiting for him to die and he didn't.

In the end i enjoyed the movie Dear John way better than the book.

Sparks, Nicholas C. Dear John. City: New York, New York Publisher, Grand Central Publishing, 2006. Print

Dear John, Dir Lasse Hallstrom. Perf Channing M Tatum, Amanda M Seyfried. Distributor Paramount Pictures, 2010. Film.


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