Destroy All Humans Watch your back!!!

Dogs have it ruff too. This is Alfred, he has been going through some problems lately. he lost his bone and now he is mad. you wont like Alfred when he is mad.
Alfred now has one mission. To get his bone back, and to destroy all humans.
Alfred and all of his allies plan on overtaking the human by giving the US President rabies and letting it spread. What you are looking at is a squirrel with a very rare form of rabies.
13 months later Alfreds plan worked. Every human on the planet has been infected with rabies.

Right here you can see a group of infected humans, and the last survivors of Alfreds attack

Created By
austin molloy


Created with images by Lee Edwin Coursey - "Dachshund dressed as a hotdog" • Dieter_G - "dog guard serenity" • Iain Rattray - "Deacon" • Key Foster - "haw par villa (and weirdness therein)" • Gamma Man - "2012 3D Richmond Zombie Walk"

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