Midterm Portfolio By: carson pervier

In this piece the Creature of the Black Lagoon is 3-D, along with the title. The whole image is black and white, except for the monster which has a red and blue hue to enable it to be three dimensional. The monster looks very old and is standing in the middle of a cove. With the color added to the title and monster, it makes it stand out against the neutral colored background.

This piece shows a little color due to the 3-D channels, but for the rest, its black and white. The effect the black and white color has on the picture is that not only does it make it look older, it emphasizes the 3-D effects. The monster adds some texture to the picture because of it's scaly body, and the gills on its face. An example of movement in this picture would be how the monster looks like it's coming at you. The composition of this piece creates a balance that keeps the viewer interested in the picture.

I think the artist created this piece to show the Creature of the Black Lagoon in a different element. The Creature of the Black Lagoon came out in 1954 and they didn't have the 3-D technology we have now, or even the advances that were made in the 60's. The 3-D element added to this picture, makes this horror film seem more real and horrifying by projecting an image that looks like the Monster is coming at the viewer.

I think this piece was a success because the authors purpose was correctly portrayed in this piece. This piece is not complex but not simple either, which allows it to contain many elements but not to many to the point where the viewer is left confused or overwhelmed.

In this piece there's a boy sitting on top of what looks like a cargo box (or container) and hes facing away from the sunlight. The picture is not centered and is not straight. The photograph looks like it was taken at angle to the right and under the boy. The picture is also very barren, there's just a kid and the upper half of a cargo box.

This picture uses leading lines, by having the cargo box at an angle. The reason i say this is because the line that is created from the collision of the sky and cargo box leads the viewers eyes from the light in the top right corner, to the darker side on the left. By doing this the viewer is forced to take in the whole photo. Also this very has very great balance because it doesn't have to many eye popping colors, besides for the light coming fro the sky.

I think the author created this piece to show how pictures don't have to be complex and crazy to be good. The feeling conveyed by this photograph is very neutral, there's nothing eye popping about this picture. Even though it's not complex the artist still uses composition to engage the viewer.

I think the author was successful in making this photograph because he conveyed his mood through it. He also conveyed his meaning very well by proving that an artist can create a great photograph by incorporating the composition needed to keep the view interested, even if it appears to be simple.

This piece shows Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston in a boxing ring. The picture captured the emotion of Muhammad Ali after his victory for the championship. Also in this picture it shows Sonny on the ground, which would lead the viewer to believe he has been knocked out. You can also see the fans and how they were so tied in with the fight. You see the shame in some of their faces, but also the surprise and excitement in other.

The picture was taken in the 1960's, so due to the old camera's it gives the picture a grainy look. The ropes around the ring serve as leading lines, by guiding the viewers eyes horizontally across the picture. This picture also shows movement because it looks like Sonny is falling, and it captures Ali doing a chest bump. This image also creates a different perspective by breaking up one big photograph into much smaller ones.

I think the author created this piece to bring a different perspective to this photo. Since this photo was from such a long time ago, and since it was such an iconic moment, the author used polaroids to separate it. The polaroid frames makes the picture look old and adds the cool effect of making it look like it's many smaller pictures.

I think the artist was successful with this piece because he communicated his feelings through picture in a way that I could really understand. I feel like by making this picture into separate polaroids he was able to capture the true emotion in the picture.

In this piece, there is a boy holding a sword in a very hilly area. The landscape looks like it could be old, like from a medieval time because of the stone wall. Although the boy contrasts with the landscape because he's wearing more modern clothes. The boy is also holding a sword that also makes it look like its a medieval themed picture.

The contrast in this picture is a very big element of the piece. The background and the boy in the picture are whats being contrasted. The landscape is medieval looking and the boy is wearing modern things.

I think the author created this piece to incorporate modern people into old movies. Although the movie that was trying to be recreated, A Knight's Tale, is not very old (released in 2001) it takes place in a previous time period. So the author brought in a modern boy, wearing modern clothing to try to recreate the same vibe as the original movie.

I think the author was successful in making this piece because he creates a balance in the picture, while using opposing time periods. Although the viewer can obviously tell the piece is photoshopped, the author does a great job of not making the boy's outline pixilated.

In this piece there's a boy pulling his hair back with a goofy look on his face. It looks like he was trying to be funny and act dramatic for the picture. He is wear a jean jacket, which is a very interesting choice (in my opinion), with little pins attached to them. The jacket combined with his hairstyle makes him look like a character from the movie grease.

This piece looks very neutral due to the colors and the background. The colors in this picture all compliment each other and create a balance. None of the colors really pop out to the viewer, which doesn't excite them. Although the boy is not centered in the picture, it is still a great piece because it captures the boys personality.

I think the author created this piece to capture the personality of this boy. The viewer could assume that they were close friends because of how comfortable he looks in the photos. The viewer can tell that the boy is goofy and funny by the way he portrays himself in the photo.

I think the author was successful with this piece because he correctly portrayed the boy's personality, in a goofy, dramatic way.

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