Welcome to Shellytown live a healthy but happy life.

Come live in Shellytown where everyone will live a happy, healthy life! While living here you will create great eating and physical activity habits that will keep you living a long and happy life!

Shellytown is a commonwealth government. This is where the laws are created and compacted for the common goodness of the people.

Community rules and policies

1. Everyone must exercise at least 60 min a day of their choice.

2.Everyone must get * hours of sleep each night.

3. sleep hours from 9pm-8am.

4. Every citizen must drink half of the body weight in oz. of water a day.

5. Every citizen can only have one treat a day.

6. Every citizen has a limit of only 3 hours of screen time a day.

7. Everyone must get at least 4 hours of education a day with the choice to study what they want.

8. Every citizen must eat the right amount of dairy, fruits, veggies, proteins, and grains a day.

9. Everyone must eat their meals at a consistent time everyday.

10. Everyone must be kind!

Shellytown is located in...

Utah and California...

with these two areas any sport or physical activity can be enjoyed! ...

From California surfing all the way to Utah skiing and everything in between!

Average citizens daily schedule

8am: wakeup eat and eat breakfast

9am: attend school

12pm: lunch

2pm: exercise

4pm: free time

6pm: dinner

9pm: go to bed


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