Final Portfolio By: kassen lock

This photo is from our week one challenge. It was the "Worm's Eye View" shot. I liked the side lighting from the window. I also liked the value that the shadow provides. During this challenge, I was learning about the different modes of the camera and the result of different angles.

This photo is from our Week 2 challenge. It showed shape. I liked the natural light coming from the window and the depth of the pattern of the rectangles and the circles. I learned how to use leading lines to draw the readers attention to certain aspects of the photo.

This photo is from our Week 3 challenge. We used GIMP to layer the pictures together. While shooting the photos, you had to keep your camera completely still and in the same spot to make the photos layer correctly. I learned that even a small difference in the time you take the photos can effect the light and brighness.

This photo is from our Week 4 Landscape Challenge. I liked the rock in the foreground, as it added depth. The color contrast with the rocks and tree tops also added a nice effect to the photo. One thing I learned, was to make sure that you didn't put to big of an object in the foreground.

This photo was from our Mood Challenge. I was trying to show calmness with the photo. I liked the brighter background. I also like the editing in the background that made it look a little "fuzzy." From this assignment, I learned which colors and effects to use to show calmness.

This photo is also from the mood challenge. I made the back ground black and white to try to show solitude. And with the photo I tried to portray focus and concentration. Like he was in "the zone." From this assignment I learned how to change the background to affect mood and where the eyes are directed to.

This shot is from the photo essay assignment. It was the hook shot, and was meant to capture your attention and begin to tell the story. My story portrayed the "Day of a Dog" so I began with the morning walk. From this assignment, I learned how to tell a story over several shots, not just a scene in one shot.

This photo was a still life. It was taken by the window, for the natural back light. I liked how the editing made the photo a little more "cartoonish." One thing I learned from this assignment is the importance of shadows.

This photo was from our portrait challenge. This is my Rule Of Thirds shot. I tried having the tree on each side, but decided to go with the left side. The bright background contrasts well with the dark shirt and the shadow provided the perfect lighting.

The final photo is another photo from the landscape challenge. I tried to focus the viewers attention to the background. The log provides line and the creek is a leading line to the log. This photo also has a good contrast.

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