"Pearls of Wisdom (Artifact painting) by Olivia Marie 2020

The lost home that we are seeking is ourselves…It is the story we carry within our soul" (Michael Meade)

Discover and Awaken to your Mythic Legendary Self.

In these wild times, what is more needed than creative practices for our hearts and souls? Discovering your Legendary Self calls you to visit the realms of the unknown to gather information, codes, and patterns. This 'Awakening' journey will take you on a voyage, as a rite of passage, where you will discover the hidden and make it real and relevant to these times. Envision a message, a cause, or a direction arising out of this experience of meeting these parts of yourself and the wisdom each part gifts to you for you to share. 2020 was quite an experience for the entire world, to say the least.

This event will ask you to ponder questions like these and much more …

  • How has 2020 shaped me?
  • What version of myself do I bring into the future?
  • How will I rise to meet the next incarnation of my identity?
  • Am I ready to Awaken and summon all parts of myself?
  • Am I ready to consciously and curiously choose how I go forward in 2021 and beyond?
  • With what image of yourself, and with what mind and heart, what story will you tell?
'Held by Her Ancestors - True to Her Heart' a Legend painting by Uma Joy

This course will be guided by Intentional Creativity® Teachers Uma Joy and Olivia Marie. Together they will hold the space while providing guidance, support and teachings. The painting will be guided by the 13 Step Painting process of Intentional Creativity®. Painting with this layered approach makes it possible for anyone to do a painting regardless of experience. There is structure to lean into, while leaving plenty of room to find your own voice. This course will invite you into practices which will guide you to discover your own Mother tongue language through symbol, image and story…. an adventure of the deepest intuition and knowing.

The 13 Step approach and many of the terms we use are based on the signature course from the Cosmic Cowgirls called LEGEND that has been taught annually by Shiloh Sophia®, Jenafer Owen and Mary MacDonald for 13 years. This is a prerequisite for the MUSEA training 'Color of Woman' Intentional Creativity® Teacher Training and we are certified to offer this experience to you. Uma Joy and Olivia Marie have been studying Intentional Creativity® for a combined 14 years.

We are all living into a new time…a time of remembering and reclaiming the precious life we each have. A time which calls us to listen deeply to the stirrings of our Heart. Is there a yearning in you to re-discover the Legendary life which lies within? What if you knew this was possible? Would you allow yourself to enter the creative territory and explore the “hidden doors” within?

If you are ready to Reclaim or Reinvent your Legendary Self, come paint your Mythic Legend with us during 'AWAKENING.' Our virtual Rites of Passage starts very soon, and you'll want to ready your home studio and get a big ole canvas!

This is an invitation to explore those inner 'stories' that have shaped your identity and influenced how you live your life. When you create your own legendary painting, you will be invited to 'see' with a new vision, 'hear' what Truth lies within and hear a new 'soul voice.' We will open the doors to the land of the imaginal narrative and invite in a new awareness and self expression. We don't just rely on reason and what we know to shape the story we want to live into. Though creativity (painting, journaling and more), we connect with our Inner Wisdom to access internal messages waiting for us. We will reclaim and make the legends from the events of the lives we have lived. With rigor and shimmer we create the new myth emerging from our soul language within. As story-tellers and image-makers that we are, we will use our big paint brushes, blessed canvas, sacred rituals, writing tools and journals, to hand craft a new story of our legendary soul.

As the Awakening ones, we will each begin to tell a new story. Stepping into one's own legend as a chosen rite of passage that gives one access to what is possible. You are called to a QUEST. When you say “YES," you will be stepping into the center of your story! Together we will navigate new territory and find what has been lost, hidden or discarded and begin to transform parts of ourselves into the new story we are embracing.

This is a painting quest designed to awaken anyone seeking a creative life. We invite all genders and encourage all those who feel a deep desire to explore the 'story' rising within to answer the call for a creative experience. You will be offered experiences to paint, draw, journal, create ritual and make connection with your internal guidance or 'Inner Muse.'

'Mythic Soul' by Olivia Marie, (created in the Legend class 2020)

When you join us for this journey you will be asked to be brave, daring and willing. It is not about skill. It is time to let go of dominating the process and stepping into the Mystery. Together we will find the hidden abundance deep within, something inherent in all of us. We will tap into the archetypal energies and create images from the within - from our own Gnosis...Knowing.

We are all creatives

"If you are like many of us, we keep living our lives NOT being who we are, we keep creating relationships that do not create flow, inspiration, truth, pleasure, power and alignment. We get caught up in needing to look good, we forget what the hidden self looks like…." (Shiloh Sophia).

What if we told you we can peel back the layers and remove the 'old skins' and really see who lives inside? Yes, beliefs of who you thought yourself to be, will change. You will find a new language, a new voice, a renewed awareness which is being awakened within.

'Heart of the Lioness' by Uma Joy - an early Legend painting

Are you hungry for self expression? Is there a 'story' within you which wants to be transformed into a Legendary tale? If so, this experience is for YOU!.

“walk to the well. turn as the earth and the moon turn, circling what they love whatever circle comes from the center.” Rumi

During this 10 week journey:

  • We’ll be using the magical tools of intuitive painting, writing, and visionary imagination to access your fresh potent archetype for living forward.
  • The teaching will include bi-weekly 4-hour live zoom calls in which we will demonstrate the 13-step method and paint together.
  • On alternating weeks there will be check-in calls to keep the connection and support throughout.
  • Through sacred intention, ritual and connection to the elements of earth, air, fire and water within our minds, body and Spirit, we will weave together the strands of our present lives into the painting process itself.

We will explore the areas of 'relationships' that are connected to our stories (with self, others and the world). As we awaken, the ember within grows into a flame and our inner Light gets ignited. With this renewed vitality our awakening and vibrancy increases... our heart opens and we are able to reclaim the Creative Soul which resides within us. This also enables us to have access to a new wisdom as our story takes on a new meaning. It can be a new beginning for you as you step into your truest Creative Self.


Imagine how things might be different for us if:

  • We have greater access to who we are and can express that in our lives and relationships.
  • We are no longer ruled by our stories and can instead invent our futures.
  • We know we have something to say, and we live our lives in the saying of it.
  • We can create lives reflecting who are within instead of living from what happened to us.

We can live from passionate heart-led expressions guiding us on our path. We can understand our lives as sacred work in tandem with other human beings.

There is a starting place — your own story is where we begin.

mother tongue codes

If this speaks to you………We hope you join us for this three month Quest.

  • This course will begin with a Red thread circle and opening on Friday, March 26. with our first deep painting session starting Saturday, March 27. All classes will be offered LIVE on Zoom and will be recorded. All registered participants will receive the video (if you can't be present in real time or want to rewatch - you will have the opportunity,
  • Twice a month we will gather together for a four hour class on Saturday afternoon (3 Saturdays in May). During this time you will be guided through the painting steps, writing inquires and techniques to bring to the canvas.)
  • To keep the creative flow, we will meet the following week on Friday evenings for 1 1/2 hours to check-in, for connection, and to provide you with additional Intentional Creativity® practices to integrate the teachings into your life.
  • The closing circle of sharing your painting journey will take place on June 5th, with a followup call on June 11, 2021.

How will this course happen?

  • We will meet on Zoom beginning,
  • Friday March 26: 6-7:30pm PT
  • (7-8:30pm MT, 8-9:30pm CT, 9-10:30pm ET)
  • Followed by,
  • Saturday March 27 – 12 noon-4pm PT
  • (1-5pm MT, 2-6pm CT, 3-7pm ET)
  • From there,

We will meet each week, alternating Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Friday evening will allow for continuity of the energy and process, connection, Q & A, a creativity process and offerings of processes to do relating to the current teachings of the week. Saturday paintings sessions will include painting demos, painting together (on Zoom) with discussions, and Q & A. After each painting class a video will be provided for each member of the class to use and watch as often as desired, to continue the process and be ready for the next event. There will also be prompts for journaling and exploration between sessions.

  • NOTE: A few weeks do not follow the pattern so the dates in full are:
  • Fridays 3/26, 4/9, 4/23, 5/7, 5/21, and 6/11.
  • Saturdays 3/27, 4/3, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15, 5/29, and 6/5.

The three month investment is $687. We offer a special 'early bird' discount of $50 if you sign up by March 14 2021.

(we also offer 20% discount for returning Beloveds who have studied with either Uma Joy or Olivia Marie in prior workshops and for those in the Creating Radiant Health Membership group (no combined discounts)... We also want anyone who truly needs to be a part of this class to be there.. we offer payment plans as well as partial scholarships. Please contact us individually to inquire what we can work out together.

Uma Joy, Shiloh Sophia and Olivia Marie
Creative expression is essential to an awakened life

Over the course of this experience you will be creating a painting which is unique to your soul and heart. The process is designed to help you uncover and reveal new truths within. Your creative self will be awakened and invited to cross over the alchemical bridge of Transformation…allowing you to reclaim those Truths hidden inside. All along the journey, you will receive support, encouragement, inquires and opportunities to find the new language for the Mythic story which is emerging. We will move from places of being “stuck”, “wounded” and “old stories” into the sweet territory of Knowing the Beauty of who you truly are. We will provide you with tools and inspiration. This is why we call this a 'medicine painting,' creating with the intention of healing. An important part of this process is also about being in a community with of other creatives, where it allows for you to experience additional support, connection and witnessing.

Our intention is to weave an experience with you and for you that is a Rites of Passage, right from your own home. By the completion of the Legend course and our time together you will have an EPIC painting as well as a mythic writing and a new framework for looking through. Together we will mark the wild ride from 2020, and move forward as the authors of our future!


Olivia in one of her favorite places on earth..next the Grandmother ocean

Olivia Marie Oso, lover of the Divine and the deep Feminine, is a creator of Beauty and Truth and is a certified Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity® Coach. (2015)

Her passion of creating art comes from her connection with Creation and the earth. Her journey of discovering herself as an artist began the year she turned 50 years old. She was influenced by two special teachers. In 2001, Paul Heussenstamm came into her life and while studying with him, she learned “art as a Spiritual practice”. Her artistic passion deepen even more when she met Shiloh Sophia McCloud in 2014. Her life would never be the same. Today the concepts of Intentional Creativity guide her way of living. Her life has been enriched by her connection and participation in a global community of creatives and educators who believe in the Intentional process of creating. (musea.org)

(In Olivia’s words): "When we come from the heart, and expand our consciousness, our “old stories and false beliefs” can be transformed and a new Voice can be revealed. When we illuminate the potential possibilities that lies before us, it allows us to celebrate the blessings of our lives and be more fully in the Present time. Creating art is a powerful antidote to the darkness and hardships we all face in life. It is my passion to guide others toward their inherent gifts, to help them gain access to their muse, to reclaim their authentic voice and to do it all through the creative heart. I believe, to know oneself is our greatest offering that we can give to the world. It is important for us to claim our gifts, speak our authentic Truth and allow ourselves to make connection to our earth. It can awaken and bring a great consciousness of coherency with our mind, heart, body and spirit. To know we ALL Matter is to truly feel Alive, vibrant and make connection to ALL that is. I believe with our creativity, love and imagination, we can envision a new world. We are ALL image makers (like our ancestors) and we all are “story-tellers". The world needs to experience what we all have to cause and create.

Today, Olivia Maria loves being a grandmother to nine and sharing her life with her beloveds, Carl and her four-legged labradoodle, Maddi, in beautiful Northwest Oregon. When she is not traveling somewhere in the world (which is one of her passions), she is participating in her ceremonial life with her different spiritual communities. She loves being in nature and enjoying the beauty and blessings of the earth.

Today, Olivia spends most days in her GypsyHeart Studio. Creating art is a daily practice. In the past five years she has offered many in-person workshops teaching the Intentional Creativity® process. ..... Mentoring others to access their creative selves has continued to be the work Olivia is passionate about. She has taught in many locations. In the year of the pandemic 2020 until the present time, she has shifted to teaching and studying on-line. Before the “sheltering in place” times, Olivia has displayed her paintings in a several businesses in the Portland area. Images from her original painting have also been made into framed prints and cards. Olivia is currently a member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity® and MUSEA.

  • testimonies:
  • A. E. " keep embracing my shine, keep telling the truth..keep seeing beauty".
  • J.L.H. " I am so grateful for this amazing experience. I appreciate the guidance of Spirit and this is a ceremony."
  • Carslyle " I loved going through all the layers, making a relationship with the canvas..the visualization was so helpful".
  • Julie D. " I truly live in the moment, I love to draw, paint and I love the collective conscious painting, Olivia I truly love your guidance, love and support in a safe natural environment to paint."
  • For questions and more information please contact Olivia Marie:
  • Website: gypsyheartstudio.com
  • email: gypsymarie17@gmail.com
  • Instagram: oliviamarieoso

About Uma Joy:

Uma Joy - remembering to play

...Living a life that embodies creating joy and love. Uma Joy is a 2013 Color of Woman Graduate (as offered by Maestra Shiloh Sophia) and has been teaching and sharing Intentional Creativity® since. She has additionally studied with Mandala Master Paul Heussenstamm. She has often been heard stating that through recent, incredibly challenging times: "I cannot imagine where I would possibly be with the the Mandala and Intentional Creativity in my life - it has literally save me."

Uma has been a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and healing arts practitioner for 38+ years, is mother to 2 and gramma to 1. She recently moved from the Pacific NW (Portland, Or) to Taos, NM. In addition to teaching workshops and offering retreats, Uma is an Intentional Creativity® Life Coach, works with individuals and Corporations and is a member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity®..

“Everything I have done in this life has brought me to this moment. RIGHT NOW! My passion in this life is to share love and increase light in this world. It lights me up to work with women who want to be their full, beautiful SELF. Sometimes, somewhere along the way we can forget who we are, have hidden parts of ourselves, and/or lose our voices. When I see the light return to one’s eyes as they remember their beautiful truth – my heart and soul have the greatest smile and joy within ME - for them - for us ALL! All beings have the need and right to be seen, heard, to KNOW their value and to live in their own strength and power. We all can make our lives the BEST we can make them”.


For any questions, please reach out to Uma: