Trees in Indyuckpy. (Indiana and Kentucky) Khang phan

In July of 2013, the New Albany Tree Board initiated the Bicentennial Tree Project. The goal of this project was to raise enough funds to plant 200 trees in honor of New Albany’s 200 years of history as a city. Local business owners, private individuals, and organizations were contacted to donate and be a part of this celebration. We are very pleased to announce that full funding for this project has been secured.

Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) manages stormwater and sewer service in Louisville Metro. Pursuant to the amended Federal Consent Decree in 2008, MSD created the Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan (IOAP) to mitigate sewer overflows and improve water quality. The plan required planting 1,000 trees per year or 14,000 trees by the year 2024 to capture stormwater runoff. Louisville Metro and MSD commissioned a study of tree canopy status and trends in Jefferson County. Louisville’s Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) is estimated at 37% which is low in comparison to regional communities such as Nashville with 42%. In addition, Louisville loses 54,000 trees per year. Ice and wind storms in recent years have damaged the canopy, while tree installation programs have been limited to small grass-roots efforts. The goal set by the Louisville Metro Tree Canopy Plan is to increase the Louisville UTC to 40% by the year 2030

Trees is really important because trees make fresh air and a nice place to live, work and play. If we dont have trees, no one live in the city, no one travel the city. So the economy will decrease. If we don't have trees, our planet is dont have enough oxygen for humans

Trees is important to economy

Guys, you should care about this. As to the "number of trees" this represents, it's impossible to get an accurate count. Tree density in primary forests varies from 50,000-100,000 trees per square km, so the math would put this number at 3 billion to 6 billion trees per year. That a huge number !!!

What happens if the Earth don't have trees ? In 2013, the population of the World is 7.125 billion. So the more people is need more products from trees. It means that people destroys more forest but the reforestation is not that much. And the balance of the trees in the World is lost. If we don't have trees, the summer is longer, the Earth is hotter and less rainfall ( cause low humidity ). So the humans will fight to get clean water. It will start the war cause water. Every country will make a decision to protect their water or create the war to find the source water. In the long term, humans or any living things can't live without TREE


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