Journey Log 4 By: tyler Kendrick

So this week was kinda of terrible for me personally. I had three exams all on Monday, which I feel like I did terrible in all three of them. I had 2 back to back with no time to rest and it was honestly a terrible day! However, I did get through it and it taught me how to time manage my skills better to get through the day and learn what I needed to relearn. I decided to make my blog post picture, a picture of a puppy because puppies helped me get through the week. I know this sounds weird coming from a dude but every time I looked at a puppy, I had a moment of relief. Puppy pictures help me distress and I am not ashamed of that!!!!

However, onto the good stuff: English 1030. In class this week, we were suppose to do a reading but I did not do the reading on time like we were suppose to due to my tests! However, after class and hearing about them, I became interested and started to read them! They were okay and I specifically enjoyed "Walk, Talk, Cook, Eat." I enjoyed this one because it started off with the basics in research of what you needed to know. It then led into more and built onto each other connecting it to walking, talking, cooking, and eating. This was a fun connection and I will remember that.

This week we were suppose to do "Source Machine" where you gathered a couple of sources and did stuff that was significant to them. However, I did not really like this as I was still struggling finding sources that I liked to use in finding more information about Lord Voldemort. However, in class, we went over more ways to find sources and this help me find more sources that I liked. I was not a fan of some articles and I used them, but I did not have to use them in my text.

Also this week in class, we talked about how to cite things. I thought that this class was kind of a waste because we all have cited things in the past and if we have not we used Easy-bib to do it for us! This is where flexibility came into play. I was flexible with what we were learning and I tried to make sure that I payed attention. However, at times this was hard, I still tried to be flexible to understanding what we were doing because not everyone came from the same high school. This also lead to openness. It led me to think outside of the box and consider different approaches to this method of citations. In high school, we did not specifically use MLA-8, we just used general MLA. In this I still had a feel of what was going on and I used MLA-8 on Easy-bib just as I did in high school.

On this weeks blog post, I decided to be more creative for myself, connecting to the creativity Habits of Mind. I normally do not act as this a blog, but as this a writing assignment that I am forced to do. By acting as it is a blog and talking about my life outside of English 1030, it taught me that I was more prepared for this assignment. However, I still struggle with meeting the writing requirements. I feel as if I have got my points across and have done what I am suppose to do, the extra "fluff" is not needed. However, I powered through and got the right word count.


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