Unicorns Ms. Boyce

What has one horn, a mane, and is shaped like a horse? A unicorn! Widely known as a mythical creature, the unicorn has some really interesting attributes. In addition to this, it is also portrayed in the legends of several different cultures and is still popular today. With its appearance, history, and contribution to pop culture, it’s no wonder it’s one of Ms. Boyce’s favorite animals!

To start, unicorns look like horses at first glance- but they are very, very different. In addition to the obvious horn, they can live thousands of years and are much taller than any normal horse. Their mane is usually silver, with coats in different colors and usually blue or purple eyes. Unicorns also have magical abilities. These abilities range from telepathy to healing power, and many examples of this can be found in the stories told about unicorns throughout history (Santharia).

"Unicorns look like horses at first glance- but they are very, very different."

After their appearance, another detail to discuss is how unicorns are mentioned throughout cultures. The most traditional example of a unicorn can be seen in European history. There is even an old tapestry called The Lady and the Unicorn that was made in the fifteenth century! Chinese legends describe unicorns as having parts of other animals and even scales, and these unicorns are called ki-lin. Persia, India, Greece and Rome all have accounts of horned creatures with equine elements and magical abilities- abilities that are still popular today (Dudley 10-23)

Pictured above: A version of a Chinese unicorn called a ki-lin.

Today, unicorns are often used in internet memes and online jokes which have caused them to become more and more popular. There are even blogs dedicated to the popularity of unicorns (Unicorns Rule)! On April 19th, 2017, Starbucks even got in on the craze by adding a unicorn drink to their menu for a limited time (Starbucks Newsroom). Why are unicorns so popular? Perhaps it is because “It allows our fantasy a neutral spot where we can paint freely, regardless of what we are for or against” (Petterson).

The Unicorn Frappuccino is color changing and changes in flavor using mango and sour blue syrups!

Unicorns seem to be sticking around for a while. With their interesting appearance, timeless legends, and current popularity, it’s no surprise that Ms. Boyce may soon be seen with a unicorn drink in her hand. With all of these details, it’s only a matter of time before unicorns are responsible for some new and exciting contribution to the world’s culture today.

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