Double Victory by Wenting Yang, Aiying Chen, Zijie Chen

asian aMERICAN

Asian Americans have confronted a long legacy of exclusion and inequity in relation to school policies and practices, particularly during periods of changing demographics, economic recession, or war. All Asian immigrants were fully excluded by law, denied citizenship and naturalization, and prevented from marrying Caucasians or owning land. Many people chose to protest, but the Japanese chose to throw a bomb and attack the pearl Harbor in the United States. Which then contributed to the cause of the World War II. I think they should have an equal treatment because there were a lot of laws that are unfair to the people who are not white.
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African American

we need freedom, we deserved the same right!!!
African American experienced discrimination and segregation but met the challenge and persevered. However, many of them joined the military to fight for the war. And other people tried to gain back their rights by protesting. They were serving in the Army, Army Air Forces, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.Over 2.5 million African-American men registered for the draft, and black women volunteered in large numbers. I think that people should not be racist to them, and stop the discrimination, everyone is equal.
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fight for minimum payment, no more work over 10 hours!
Labors were hard working for the low and unfair price. That they are also work for a long time everyday, and treated as a non-human, just like robot that doesn't need battery. As a result, they held some walkout to fight for their right and justice to respond to such treatment. On the other hand, their work can affect the economy of the country such as materials treating, war supplies production. Which then can contribute to the cause of the World War II. I think they should not work more than 10 hours a day and have a reasonable wage to protect themselves.
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Four similarities:

  • Both are the oppressor that been forced to do things.
  • Both fight back by making protest and walkout events.
  • Both are suffered in discrimination.
  • Both had a hard time making money and live in a safe environment.

Three differences:

  • Labors got low pay and work for a long time during the World War II, but then the Asian Americans or the African American received racism when they were fighting the war.
  • Labors are struggling for housing, when African American are living together in a small town all together away from the white people, and Japanese American are forced to live in the internment camps.
  • Labors are including different variety of people, but African American and Asian American are focusing to the specific group of people.

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