The "Annual" Report The Water project

Real time. Online. All the time.

At The Water Project, static annual reports are a thing of the past. All our work and its impact appears online, as it happens. From fundraising campaigns, through water project construction, and on to long-term monitoring and evaluation, it's all available for everyone to see anytime.

You see what we see. That's transparency.

The world is live.

We live in a world where we know what our friends across the country had for breakfast, as they ate it. We understand the world around us – and what it means for us - as it’s happening.

We believe that when you provide safe water, the same should be true. When you give, you should understand who and how you are helping - right now. And, that donation you made to help someone access safe water a few years ago...? We believe you should know if that water was still available for them this morning as they had breakfast.

If you've made a donation, you've seen your impact. We send pictures, maps, stories and more to every donor about the specific impact their donation made in someone's life. It's real impact in real-time.

It was another incredible year for those in need of safe water that they can count on. Over 7,000 of you are helping to ensure access to water for over 650,000 people, every day - even through ongoing and new challenges from climate change to drought.

Children are healthy. Women are free from the burden of long walks to collect dirty water. Schools are open with clean water, and are investing in the future of their communities. Families are thriving. Every community and school has its own story of water – and every story is shared with you.

There is nothing more powerful than your generosity and safe water.

Haven't become a donor yet? That's ok. You can see all the good work too. We think it'll inspire you to join the rest of us.

Every donation provides the gift of clean, safe, and reliable water.

And every donor sees every outcome, every time.

Annual reports were great. Daily reports are better.

I am always amazed at the breadth of information I receive regarding how the money I donate is being used on specific projects and how I am always updated in a timely fashion with this information. Very few organizations I work with provide this level of timely and transparent information and I truly value it as a donor. - DannyF