Sprint Forward Finance Product Design April 2017 Monthly



  1. Barter teams have completed 2 sprints and currently in sprint 3. In sprint 1 & 2, Product Design worked on the Price Management workflow, and Contract (Ticket) Creation, Contract Dashboard screens, Zone-Port management, and Discharge process screen design.
  2. Product Design, along with product teams have reached a decision to go with Material Design UI framework. Product Design has been working on Material Design UI and UX style guides.
  3. Product Design continues to find more efficient and effective ways to conduct light-weight user validation on design.
Barter Sprint 2 Demo Screens
UI Style Guide
Price Management Screen Design Prototype
View Contract List Prototype Design

Value Capture

Most of Jeannine's efforts were around the design, prototyping, and usability testing of the following:

  1. Ben completed the 2nd version of the UI style guides for both Barter and Value Capture.
  2. Ben hosted 4 sessions to talk about Material Design and UI guide lines for all Barter and VC scrum teams to help teams to transition to Material Design framework.
  3. Ben has designed different of VC logos to show to business for feedback. Based on business feedback, Ben came up with 2nd round of logo design.
Value Capture - Integrated Technology System Logo Design (Round 1)
Value Capture - Integrated Technology System Logo Design (Round 2)

In Progress

  1. Barter: Sprint 3 is currently in progress; Product Design continues focusing on the UI priority list and start planning for user testing on Price Management
  2. Value Capture: Product Design has decided to adjust to a lighter weight user testing approach to get user feedback fast and often starting Sprint 6.

Roadblocks &concerns

  1. Value Capture: Formal usability testing (Lab 1 and 2) got valuable feedback and was well-designed and executed. However, the teams are also concerned extra time and effort had spent in preparing for the test and therefore, Product Design has decided to try lighter weight user testing approach.
  2. Barter: We have a shortage of Product Designers, the current ratio between Product Designer and Scrum Team is 1.5 to 5, or 1.5 Product Designers support total 25 developers. Even though we have a UI Priority List to focus on, we're still very overwhelmed to fulfill the design need by all the teams. We have immediate need to add at least 2 more Product Designers.
  3. Barter: Need more access to business to gather requirement, present and validate design.

Teamwork Compliment to the Value Capture Product Designers:

"BTW, I really appreciate the way you (Jeannine) and Ben are working with the teams, in our retrospectives they mentioned the teamwork, collaboration and good vibes with them, and it is really important for our success!!! Thanks a lot and keep the good work!!" - Cristina Cortes (Agile Coach in Argentina)

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