the science behind ice cream!!!! by the squad: America, meylin , joe, and adriel

galaxy ice cream!!

most people love ice cream, but do you really know the science behind ice cream? if you don't you came to the right place because we will give you 5 facts about ice cream and the science behind how ice cream is made

in tutorials of how to make ice cream, they tell you to grab rock salt , ice, cream vanilla extract, a Ziploc bag and a bucket ,but why rock salt and a bucket? well salt adding salt to a bucket of ice allows the temperature to lower which helps the cream and vanilla extract to freeze and become what we all love and enjoy! ice cream, ice cream is very simple, and it is fun to do

so now for the 5 fun/weird facts about ice cream

1.•Reduced fat, has at least 25% less total fat than regular ice cream

2.••The U.S. celebrates National Ice Cream Month in July..

3•Americans celebrated the victory of WWII with ice cream. In 1946, they ate more than 20 quarts of ice cream per person

4•.•There is actually an ice cream diet designed for weight loss(( how come we never knew about this!!

5, ice cream ramen exists!

video :((

so these were 5 fun/weird facts about ice cream hope you enjoyed

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