Problems solved on different levels by OptiFer® products

  • Importer/Distributor level
  • Retail level
  • End user level
  • Medical
Importer / Distributor level
Several key markets introduced
No upper limit of product availability
Acceptance of OptiFer® by the EU and the US FDA
Full documentation and certification
Marketing and medicinal material available
Flexibility in product specifications
Swedish quality
Retail level
Marketing and medicinal material available
FAQ possibility and customer contact at www.meditec.se
Full documentation
End-user level
No adverse side effects even over longer use
Easy dosage and administration, one (or two) tablets per day, any time
Information available at www.hemeiron.com
FAQ possibility and customer contact at www.optifer.international
Freedom to travel e.g for chronics when switching from intravenous therapy
Medical level
Marketing and medicinal material available
Safety and efficacy
Therapy will not be ruined by side- effects
Long-term therapy possible without loss of effect or tolerance
Created By
Michael Collan, NutriCare Division MediTec Group


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