Jack Roosevelt Robinson By jordan Gonzalez

Jackie's Childhood

Jackie was born in Cairo, Georgia. When he was only 6 months old, his father left. His mother moved the family to California. They moved to a white neighbor with the help of Jackie's cousin. Jackie had to deal with racial hate during his childhood.

Jackie's Parents

Jackie's father left when he was 6 months old. His mom was strong and did not let the racial hate hurt her of her family. He was proud of his mother that didn't allow the hate to affect hers and her children's lives. She was not very wealthy but she was able to raise successful children and send most of them to college. She had to raise four other children along with Jackie as a single mother.

School's Jackie went to

1. John Muir High School is where Jackie went to high school. This school is a four-year comprehensive secondary school in Pasadena California.

2. Pasadena Junior college is where Jackie first went to college. It is a community college in Pasadena California.

3. UCLA is Jackie's 2nd and last college he attended. It is a public university of LA, California.

What did Jackie study?

Jackie Robinson, (I guess you could say), studied baseball. He was not like other famous people that had studied to defended for their rights. He practiced baseball so much, that it become his "study". Baseball became Jackie's way of stand up and make a change. He did so by breaking the racial barrier by being the first black male to play in the MLB.

Why Jackie was famous

Jackie Robinson played in the Negro Leagues for baseball. He and other people wanted to make a change about Negro Leagues though. They wanted a "negro" to break the barrier of racial segregation and play in the MLB (Major League Baseball). The MLB is where only the best white baseball players played. The League President was on board with having Jackie Robinson play in his league. Their was one slight problem though, which team was going to take him?! The Los Angeles Dodgers had already had their eyes on him though. It was happening, Jackie was going to be the first black MLB player in history. He was now one of the most famous MLB players in the league.

How did Jackie impact history?

Jackie was the first black player in history to play in the MLB. He inspired many other African American athletes and people in general to chase their dream, no matter how hard it is.


I watched the movie "42"











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