After Dark Artist Lounge Retreat 18-20 March 2022 - Boston, MA - Hosted by Finest Courtier

Friday March 18, Saturday March 19, Sunday March 20

This Event is hosted by Finest Courtier and is for Photographers with at least some experience shooting boudoir and fine art nudes (and appropriate social media / web presence to confirm this) with a desire to professionally cater to the increasingly popular erotica, fetish and kink genre for Clients.

** Only ONE shared room space left !!

*** Payment plans are available if booked by November 1, 2021 ***

Welcome to what is surely a 'First of a Kind' Retreat, focused on Educating Photographers who are working in the Erotica, Fetish, Kink Genre. This event is hosted by Award-Winning Finest Courtier in Boston, from March 18-20, 2022. It will be held at one of New England's Finest and most Acclaimed Hotels.

This is an Exclusive Event. Space is limited.

Finest Courtier's goal is to provide you with an All-Inclusive Experience in a Supportive, Creative and Professional environment, so You can focus on Learning and creating Content. Regular Attendance includes shared Accommodation for 2 nights (limited number - King/Queen bed + sofa bed ** will sell out quickly) or a private room (with King or Queen bed), Welcome Cocktail Reception, Team Dinner and all meals except one (Friday evening). We have carefully selected Instructors at the Top of their Game, and a variety of Models so you can create varied and extensive content for your Business and Brand with as much (or little) Guidance and Instruction as You want. Opportunities for Extra-Curricular Excursions and Workshops the day before and after the Retreat provide additional learning opportunities for those arriving early, or staying an extra night.

Once you are here, you just pay for one meal on Friday evening while you explore Historic Lexington, MA with new friends ... and anything you charge to your room (bar bill, room service, etc).

EVERY room is different. Uniquely and Exquisitely designed with impeccable Style and Imagination. And it's ALL Exclusively available for us! Shoot in your room, shoot with new friends in a different room, join one of many Guided Breakout Sessions. Many of our Retreat Models are available for private hire commissions too (Minimum of 2 people present, maximum of 5). Hair and Makeup Artistry will be provided for all Retreat Models by Six Bay Road Salon, and is also available at a reduced rate if you want it too ($75 per makeup application).

*** Payment plans are available if booked by November 1, 2021 ***

The Retreat will Feature:

** Subject to additions and changes

  • Erotica 101 by Industry Leaders and Instructors, Aroha McKaig and Jessica Rae
  • Erotic Art Instruction by Industry Leader and Instructor, Peter Driessel
  • Erotic Art Instruction by Industry Leader and Instructor, Boon Ong
  • Erotic Art & Modeling by Industry Leader, Taylor Oakes
  • Shibari Instruction by Experienced Rigger, Sean Davis (MrRopeStuff)
  • All Instructors will host breakout sessions featuring one or more of our Experienced Models so you can create content for your Portfolio
  • Cocktail Welcome Reception (Friday March 18, 4pm)
  • On-site Group Dinner Saturday March 19 (7pm-10pm)
  • All meals except Dinner Friday Evening ... but you are walking distance to 20+ bars, restaurants and coffee shops in Historic Lexington.
  • Roundtable with several experienced Models in this genre and a Professional Dominatrix - Your Opportunity to learn honestly and candidly the do's and don'ts of Shooting this Genre and ask ALL the real questions with Confidence and in a Supportive Learning Environment
  • Small group Excursion and Shoot at a Dungeon (guided shoot by our Dominatrix). 2 opportunities to learn the Shower Set at Sue's Studio. Additional fee applies for extra-curricular excursions.
  • Vendor Showcase, Goodies, Giveaways, Exclusive Discounts
  • Rent lenses and gear locally with a 20% discount with one of our Partner Vendors (delivered to Hotel for your convenience)
  • Private Facebook group for Attendees
  • ABOVE ALL ... Friendship and a Supportive Community from which to learn and grow.

About Sue, Creator & Driving Force Behind this Event

Sue (she/her) has been a Photographer for 18 years, achieving many Accolades, including a Silver Award at WPPI in Las Vegas for Erotica; Photographer of the Year with AIBP; many 'Best Of's'; many Awards recognizing her work in Erotica, Fetish, Kink; and local / regional awards too numerous to mention. Sue has a strong foundation in High-Tech, a creative mind, has owned several innovative businesses and counts many recognizable names in the Photography and High-Tech Industry as personal friends. Sue's Instagram. Brands: Finest Courtier, Sue Bruce Photography LLC.

About Aroha, Instructor

Aroha (pronunced like Aloha, but with an R) lives in London, Ontario Canada. Self confessed hopeless romantic, Wife, Step-Mom, Avid Traveler & Camper. Body Postive activist, LGBT advocate and friend, and community supporter of all things good. Aroha's 'Erotica 101' Presentation is designed for those who are looking to push past traditional Boudoir boundaries and embrace a new era. No longer do our clients need to feel shame or ridicule around wanting to express and document themselves in a sexual way. No longer do they need to suppress their desires, fetishes, tendencies, or sexual behavior. It's time for us to truly EMBRACE a sex-positive culture! Check out The Coastal Collective.

About Jessica, Instructor

Jessica Rae. Vancouver based photographer, Jessica Rae, has spent the last decade specializing in intimate portraits + boudoir. Her own personal life journey has been integral in defining her brand and core message. She has been invited to speak and teach at many boudoir specific conferences over the years, as well as hosting private workshops. Together she and Aroha have created, The Coastal Collective Boudoir Education Community, to help inspire and elevate the Boudoir Community as a whole.

About Peter, Instructor

Erotica Instruction and posing by Peter Driessel ... flying in from South Africa with his Business Partner, Alli; Peter's Muse and an Award-Winning Nude/Erotica model and Photographer too. Peter first picked up a camera in the late 1980s and has been exposed to many genres since. Working as an Army photographer, underwater photographer and for the last 12 years a boudoir and sensual photographer. He is self-taught and has a wealth of information to share. Peter has won several international awards, including Photographer of the Year with AIBP. He has presented erotic workshops both at his studio and several South African Photography Expo's. Peter and Alli will be presenting at the event as well as offering private sessions while they are visiting the USA.

About Boon, Instructor

Originally from Malaysia, Boon moved to Canada in 2008. Photographing nude art was a big accident. I somehow related nudity to my own personal coming out story. But as I work with more people, it has transformed into an outlet for me to connect with others in their vulnerability, self love and their own version of coming out as well. I want to use my art to advocate for new freedom, break down barriers and taboos, and create a safe space for people to find confidence in their own body and sexuality. Boon's Instagram.

About Taylor, Instructor

Taylor Oakes brings years of experience to the Retreat as both a Creator and Instructor of Erotic Art. She will Co-Instruct with Boon as well as model. Check out Taylor's website for more information, and Instagram to see her stunning work.

About Sean, Instructor

Sean is a Shibari Artist with several years, specializing in decorative ties, especially chest harnesses. My ties are typically symmetrical in nature and feature lower and full body ties.

Our Models:

Kimberly (Boston), experienced Nude, Erotica and Fetish model.

D & J (Boston), experienced husband & wife Models in Fetish, Kink and Erotica.

Dungeon Owner & Professional Dominatrix, Mistress Molly.

Taylor Oakes, Experienced Photographer & Model

Mr Dex Parker, Experienced Model

Sonni, Model, Makeup Artist


  • The Boudoir Album
  • LensProToGo - 20% discount on all Rentals (please select Rental period from Friday March 18-Monday March 21)
  • (More sponsors coming!

*** Payment plans are only available if booked by November 1, 2021 ***

Finest Courtier is a Sex-Positive, Body-Positive Studio that welcomes All Genders, Identities and Clients.