Town of Little Suamico MY LOCAL GOVERNMET

Town of Little Suamico Town Hall

My local government meets at 5964 County Road S, Sobieski, WI 54171.

This is a map of my local municipality.

Issues or events from my local government leaders:

1.) Dog Licensing Required in the State of Wisconsin: All dogs over five months of age are to be vaccinated and licensed. There is a small fee for the license, but a $100 fine for those who don't get one.

2.) 2017 Spring Thaw Requirements- Effective 2/22/17: Weight restrictions will be in effect on posted roads until further notice by the town supervisors.

3.) April 4, 2017 Spring Election: A public test of the electric voting machines will be used for the Spring election at the Little Suamico Town Hall.

4.) Joint Resolution Agreement of the Town of Chase and the Town of Little Suamico to Establish Maintenance Responsibility: A board review took place and included the shared grass cutting of particular roads. This is for Hilbert Road, Beaumier Road, Karen Lane, and Lower Road.

5.) Town Copier Replacement: A motion to purchase a replacement copier with a three hole punch for $2,695.

HOW MY LOCAL GOVERNMENT IS HANDLING THIS ISSUE: The issue I selected to expand into greater detail is "Dog Licensing Required in the State of Wisconsin." It is a Wisconsin state law for people to have dog licenses. My local government is handling this issue by making sure that when applying for a dog license, owners must present a rabies vaccination certificate to verify that the pet is vaccinated. Dogs must be over five months of age. The license fee ranges from $3.00 to $8.00. You can get a license at the Little Suamico Town Hall or request one by mail. Those who fail to obtain a license receive a $100 fine the first offense, and a $200 fine for the second offense.

MY SOLUTION: I agree with the way my local government handled this issue. I think it is reasonable, because a dog license is extremely inexpensive, and it is important to have your dog vaccinated for it's own health and safety. It is better to pay the small license fee, than to be fined $100 or more for not following the law. In my opinion, however, I believe a $200 fine for the second offense is quite unreasonable. Perhaps another $100 fine would be all that is necessary.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The dog license requires numerous pieces of information, about both the owner and the pet. It asks the name of the owner, the address of their home, and their phone number. Of the dog, it asks the gender, breed, color, and the date of the rabies vaccination. The $3.00 to $8.00 fee range, simply depends on if the dog is neutered or spayed.

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