Germany Sadee lamp

Physical Features-Rhine River Valley it has houses where people can live and also where poor people can get water from since they cant afford it. Volcanic in Origin Harz Mountains The name Harz derives from the Middle High German word Hardt or Hart (mountain forest), Latinized as Hercynia.

In Germany why are the land marks so important to them because they travel around them and it is historic churches remnants to them.

Germany is located by the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and much others. Also those are the countries that are connected to Germany.

Culture- The language in Germany came from the West Germanic group of the Indo-European. It also came from the year 1522.

Religion- Germany religion is Christianity. About 65% to 70 of the population are followers of the Christian religion in Germany. There are 35% that call them that religion which is Islam and then there is a group that calls them Judaism and that only 1% and less.

Food- They eat pourltly and pork and beef and chicken. They also eat types of fish which are trout,pike, and carp. Sometimes they have Vegtable soup with there meals and a whole bunch of other things with that. Here is a picture of what some of there food looks like. They do have some weird looking food and then they have some good or fine looking food.

Sport- The sports they play is Football,Motorsport,ice hockey,and handball. The most popular sport there is Fussball because a whole bunch of people play that sport. Here is a picture of one of the sports. Here is a picture of them playing foot ball. They play it by using there feet and hands. The people who play it are really good because they use a lot of power when they are doing this sport. They have gotten a championship in 1950 in the sport of racing.

Music- They have a whole bunch of types of music and some even that we have heard of . Here are 4 types of music they have. 1. Classical Music. 2. Folk Music. 3.Jazz Music. 4. Pop Music. The most one that gets heard by is the Rock and the Pop Music. The music sounds like our but not all of it. Down below here is a picture of one of the types of music.

Dance- The dance in Germany is like they hold arms and spin around and then there is a type of dance called the Scottish dance and that is actually the most popular dance that they use to do in Germany. They did that dance because it was fun and they liked doing it. This one of the dances they are doing and it looks like they are having fun with it.

Clothing- There clothing is where they wear long socks and most of the girls wear dresses and most of the men wear black shoes and then shorts and these types of shirts that hook to the pants. Also the girls wear black flats with their dresses. Here is a picture of them in there out fits.

Government- Helmet Kohl is the Governor for Germany and they work in this big white building and they also have other Governors but that was just one that was one of the first ones. Here is a picture of the building.

History- Prussia with it capital Berlin grew in power Unification was achieved with the formation of the German Empire in 1871 under the leader ship of Prussian. Some events that happen was that people traveled.

Wars- World War One in 1941 and there is the German revelution in 1918.

People- 80 million people in Germany and they have groups of people and they like they live in Brazil and Germany.

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