Self Designed Exhibit: The IPhone DOm Pelucio cu 1010

The Iphone. The most universal used phone in the world. So many cool features, as well as bad features, it is a distraction for me. It's like an impulse when I pull out and go through snap chat and Instagram. What I did for this self designed experiment was count all the times I am doing homework and I had the impulse to pull out my phone and distract myself. On April 4th, I have two study sessions I planned out, one from 9-11 am, then another evening session from 6-8 pm. When I was studying and I wanted to go check my phone in my pocket, I put a tally mark on my data sheet. Here were the results

I thought the results were very accurate. My hypothesis was close. I say I would think about my phone about 20 times and I thought about my phone exactly 23 times during my morning study session. When I read those results I was very shocked but somewhat not surprised because I do recognize it brings me a lot more stress than I need. In the evening study session, I consciously tried not to think about my phone and focus on my current homework assignment. Improvement was made. 13 is the number. I cut it down about half way which is great progress. It is amazing when you can recognize that something is not working and you need to keep it away when doing academic work.


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